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a man who is a member of committee

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I was astonished to find that these politicians looked at me completely differently (and listened to me more attentively) when they found out I had become a committeeman.
Now in his 80s, Mr Wood has worked tirelessly for Linthwaite for 65 years, on the ground, preparing wickets and acting as club representative, committeeman, club umpire and bar man.
He was also upset at plans to install Colin Metson - the former wicketkeeper and current committeeman - as a head coach.
Republican National Committeeman Michael Steele came to Eugene on Thursday and stumped for GOP candidates, gave fellow Republicans a pep talk and engaged in a short and polite debate with a University of Oregon student.
Kevin McCarthy, the RNC, Committeeman Shawn Steel for the RNC, and others need to wake up and understand that to me a majority is one woman with chutzpah.
Ritter, a Hopewell Township resident and licensed attorney, is president and CEO of Cumberland Insurance Group in addition to his duties as township committeeman and deputy mayor.
We have had an excellent run-in," said Gurney Street committeeman Steve Davies.
Accepting a no-strike clause would be like letting the company busts the union," said Gary Walkowicz, a bargaining committeeman at the Dearborn Truck Plant who has been critical of the unionEoe1/4aos concessions in the past.
Seefeldt, RHU, of Orlando; National Committeeman James A.
The money raised will go to Queens Court Hospice, where former Ormskirk player, committeeman and groundsman Nick Glayzer died earlier this year.
Later, while studying law at Northwestern University, he worked as a precinct captain for the local Democratic ward committeeman, Representative Roman Pucinski, who was elected to Congress in 1959.
Sam Pryor, a Republican national committeeman from Connecticut, wrested control over what was, in those days, one of the key resources to winning the nomination: tickets into the convention hall.
With his name ID and the popularity he has, that is a heck of a start for this guy,'' said Robert Asher, the state's national GOP committeeman, in the Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News.
In 1920, the group had enough clout to elect Walthall Moore as the first African American to the Missouri General Assembly, Robert Scott as the first African-American ward committeeman and Mrs.
He plans to challenge Preckwinkle again in next year's race for 4th Ward Democratic committeeman.
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