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the official act of consigning a person to confinement (as in a prison or mental hospital)

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He even escorted the Bride up-stairs into Mr Merdle's presence; but this must be considered as an act of homage to the sex (of which he was an admirer, being notoriously captivated by the charms of a certain Duchess), and not as a committal of himself with the family.
There were 16,155 committals last year, the vast majority of whom were men.
7% in the total committals to prison, the overall daily average number of prisoners in custody has continued to fall.
THE number of people sent to prison will be significantly down this year, marking a reversal of years of record levels of committals.
The old practice of having oral committals has virtually been abolished and accused people are dispatched to the Crown court.
1861 and 1891; the role of the police in committals in Victoria, Australia between 1848 and 1900; a study of Berlin's Wittenauer Heilstaetten asylum between 1919 and 1960; a survey of South Carolina's Lunatic Asylum and State Hospital from 1828 to 1920; the relationship between the state, the family and the insane in Japan from 1900 to 1945; the limits of reform in psychiatry in The Argentine from 1890 to 1946; mental health in revolutionary Mexico between 1910 and 1930; and psychiatry and confinement in India, in Nigeria and in Ireland.
Mr Wooler said inspectors would be keeping committals under review and reassessing the situation with the police inspectorate in a year's time.
Two senior judges made plain that in such cases committals to prison should be adjourned until those at risk have been properly warned and the sentencing magistrates know the up-to-date situation.
There were 9,000 committals to prison last year for failure to pay fines, nearly five years after new laws were enacted making imprisonment for defaulting a "last resort".