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Similarly, Bushra, 40, resident of Al-Masoom Town, Sabah, 28, a resident of Dunguspura, Yasmeen, 30, a resident of Samanabad, Waseem, 45, a resident of Ghoro Nanakpura and Asad, 20, a resident of Factory area also attempted to commit suicide, however, they were saved after they were shifted to different hospitals for treatment.
Ghosh allegedly tried to commit suicide on Friday by consuming sleeping pills in the jail, following which the jail superintendent, a doctor and a staff- onduty were suspended.
Colonel Noman Taliba, the director of the Central Prison in Ibb, said that it was not mistreatment that caused Ghudain to commit suicide but rather a psychological disorder.
The man added that he tried to commit suicide because he couldn't stand the grief of his wife's death after he saw her committing suicide.
Department of Veterans Affairs estimated that 22 veterans commit suicide in this country each day.
Testifying to a military court regarding the incident, friends of Eciftci said he was ill-treated by his commanders, adding that he could have commit suicide because he was under psychological pressure.
The ministry also recorded 13 incidents in which people tried to commit suicide.
MIDDLE-AGED men from disadvantaged backgrounds are 10 times more likely to commit suicide because they have lost their masculine pride and identity, a report has found.
According to The Los Angeles Times, Chinese dissidents have started putting up statements that they will not commit suicide, a searing sort of anti-suicide note.
POLICE are failing to investigate people encouraging others to commit suicide over the internet, Bridgend MP Madeleine Moon claims.
The youngest person to commit suicide in Bulgaria in 2010 was 8 years old, and the oldest was 97.
Summary: SHARJAH -- A 30-year-old Indian patient committed suicide at the Al Kuwaiti Hospital by hanging himself, making him the fourth man to commit suicide in the past week and ninth since the start of this year.
Summary: Lebanese singer Yara has denied circulating rumors that she attempted to commit suicide.
The behavior of soldiers is now being monitored, according to the paper, in order to determine whether soldiers are depressed and to treat depressed soldiers before they commit suicide.
Dubai More than a hundred people commit suicide each year with the number of attempts increasing, a police study revealed.