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These results are in line with the study11 which identified the intensity of the frequency of suicide in relation with the incidence such as method, duration of survival, causes of committing suicide and previous attempts to commit suicide.
The police registered an FIR against the suspect for attmting to commit suicide before shifting him to a local hospital for treatment.
Earlier on April 29, 2016, a Ludhiana SHO Davinder Chaudhary, ASI Buta Singh and constable Swaran Singh were suspended for compelling a 26- year- old youth to commit suicide.
DERA MURAD JAMALI -- A man tried to commit suicide by opening fire at himself in Manjho Shori area of Nasirabad district, on Thursday.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Education Minister Nabi Avcy said teachers who commit suicide because they were not appointed to state schools are trying to seek attention, the ANKA news agency reported on Friday.
On the other hand, women attempt to commit suicide 4 times more often than men do, but they choose the methods, which are significantly less likely to lead to death.
The man added that he tried to commit suicide because he couldn't stand the grief of his wife's death after he saw her committing suicide.
The ministry also recorded 13 incidents in which people tried to commit suicide.
POLICE are failing to investigate people encouraging others to commit suicide over the internet, Bridgend MP Madeleine Moon claims.
Summary: SHARJAH -- A 30-year-old Indian patient committed suicide at the Al Kuwaiti Hospital by hanging himself, making him the fourth man to commit suicide in the past week and ninth since the start of this year.
Dubai More than a hundred people commit suicide each year with the number of attempts increasing, a police study revealed.
She said it was impossible for Al-Harithy, being a strong believer in God and a learned scholar, to commit suicide as a result of financial problems.
PEOPLE with epilepsy are three times more likely to commit suicide than the general population, a study revealed yesterday.
At other times the husband's family tried to "hush up" the outraged young wife for fear of scandal and dishonor, and she would commit suicide.
The right to life includes and implies the right to commit suicide.