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a bundle of nerve fibers passing from one side to the other of the brain or spinal cord

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73 compressed shell Specimen, in brackets Length of hinge Thickness of Number of the number in line (Lhl) shell (T) costae at Rubel (1961) Lhl : (W) (T : Lv) umbo/along commissure GIT 125-93 (Br 2666a), 11.
A unique, unreported feature present in certain mainland African and Middle Eastern Laccocorinae is a transverse fracture of the hemelytra extending from near the distal end of the embolium through the apex of the claval commissure (Figs 15, 17, 19).
Several mechanisms have been implicated as the cause of ischemia such as increased acuteness of the angle of origin, the orifice ridge, invariably present and functioning as a restraining valve mechanism, and compression of the anomalous artery by the right-left commissure of the aortic valve (5-7).
Dorsal coloration: head black; antennal segments I-II black, III pale dark brown, and IV yellow with apical third pale dark brown; pronotum black with following areas shiny yellowish-orange: middle third of anterior margin, anterolateral borders, posterior third, and irregular longitudinal stripe on middle third of posterior lobe; scutellum black; clavus shiny orange with apical third adjacent to claval commissure dark brown; corium shiny yellowish-orange with broad dark brown discoidal spot on posterior third near apical margin; hemelytral membrane dark brown with complete wide whitish border; connexivum dark brown with upper margin shiny yellowish-orange; abdominal terga III to VI orange, and VII dark brown.
oregonensis attacks close to the middle of the mussel's commissure and leaves a zig-zag or serrated pattern (Fig.
1973) that prenatal irradiation damages the development of telencephalic commissure that interferes with the function of control centers that organize specific motor acts.
1] Spiller and his pupil Bender[1] deduced that vertical gaze palsies were caused by lesions in the area of the posterior commissure and aqueduct of Sylvius.
According to the KLAS report, "the addition of cutting-edge solutions like Commissure RadWhere and eScription has the legacy Dictaphone customers intrigued about future product paths.
5-cm polyp-shaped mass on the right vocal fold in the immediate posterior area of the anterior commissure (figure 1).
The periocular tissues of the right globe were devitalized and communicated with a fistula at the commissure of the right side of the beak.
The main lateral line (lc), the posterior pit-line (pp) and the occipital cross commissure (occ) converge at the centre of the PNu plate.
The flange tissue bordering the mandible and maxilla was sampled near the rictal commissure (posterior point at which the mandible and maxilla meet) on both the right and left sides.
2A); collar only slightly bulged; scutellum flattened, without outgrowths or rows of punctures laterally; pronotum and scutellum impunctate; posterior part of metepimeron roundish; metasternum without medial outgrowth; corium flat, without swellings; hemelytra without row of punctures on clavus and R + M vein, clothed with distinct suberect setae; R + M vein almost reaching apex of corium; inner margin of clavus slightly concave claval commissure longer than; inner margin of corium behind clavus straight; forecoxae removed from each other; foretibia distinctly shorter than head and pronotum combined; femora slightly widened apically, not curved; tarsal segment I 1.
5-cm vegetation was found on the atrial surface of the inferior aspect of the posterior mitral leaflet involving the inferior commissure.
Dorsal coloration: Head yellowish hazel except for 2 short reddish brown irregular transverse marks restricted to the interocellar space; antennal segments I to IV reddish brown; pronotum yellowish orange with 2 large, irregular pale to dark brown spots at posterior lobe and transverse line; scutellum reddish brown to dark brown, middle third of apical half yellowish orange; clavus dark brown, claval commissure yellow; corium dark brown, costal margin and apical angle yellow; hemelytral membrane ocher, and apical margin widely hyaline.