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a bundle of nerve fibers passing from one side to the other of the brain or spinal cord

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Mapping of segmented structures: Once the image registration process was completed, nine already segmented mid-brain structures of reference image ie left ventricle, right ventricle, 3rd ventricle, left putamen, right putamen, left caudate nucleus, right caudate nucleus, anterior commissure and posterior commissure were mapped (Ali and Khan, 2011) from the reference image to target images by applying the final transformation achieved, as a result of registration process.
Remarks: Furcocercaria V shows the typical characteristics of the cercariae of Cotylurus Szidat, 1928 regarding the presence of four penetration gland-cells, colourless eye-spots, 20 flame cells and transverse commissure anterior to ventral sucker, only differ in the arrangement of penetration gland-cells (anterior to ventral sucker) (Niewiadomska, 2002).
In early glottic cancers, anterior commissure involvement was demonstrated in 37.
When choosing among these techniques, one must consider the size of the defect, the availability of adjacent tissue, and involvement of the commissures.
We routinely found a perforator at the level of the oral commissure at which level the base is narrowed safely.
When the beak was manipulated, a small amount of bleeding was noted from the caudal aspect of the tomium at the commissure of the mouth.
The lip mucosa and the tongue edge were the anatomical sites most frequently affected (in four patients each), followed by the hard and soft palates (in two patients each), ventral tongue, lip commissure, uvula, and tonsils (in one patient each).
The flap is transposed intraorally through a small transbuccal tunnel near the commissure of the mouth with no tension and sutured over intraoral defect.
Description: Miospore, trilete, amb triangular, angles rounded, sides straight to partially concave, trilete distinct, flat, arms of lete extending up to angles, labra poorly developed, commissure smooth, contact area masked by dark exinal band within the vaccinity of Y'' marking, exine infra granulate, grana less than 1m in diameter appearing flat or rounded, visible only upon careful L-O analysis.
Bouteille d'alcool melange avec de l'eau, fleurs fanees dans un panier rouge, sac en plastique plein de crabes, cigarette collee a la commissure droite, il regarde les passants.
They identified a deviation of the stalk of the epiglottis and axial rotation of the anterior/posterior commissure in response to the vocal requirements.
Cerebral ganglia broadly connected to each other; commissure approximately half the length and width of each cerebro-pleural mass.
In anamniotes, the prosencephalon contains an array of tracts and commissures, such as the anterior commissure (AC), supraoptic commissure (SOT), postoptic commissure (POC), and tract of the postoptic commissure (TPOC).
A videolaryngoscopic examination showed a 5x5 mm polypoid mass at the posterior commissure (Figure 1).