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a bundle of nerve fibers passing from one side to the other of the brain or spinal cord

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Elaphoglossum commissurale is characterized by the commissural vein of the sterile fronds, and by the scales of the rhizome with a collapsed rounded cells in the base and apex.
It differs from Acrotreta curvata Kloucek, 1919 from the Lower Ordovician, Trenice Formation of Bohemia revised by Mergl (2002) in having a ventral valve as a low cone with not exceeding commissural shell length in height, an almost flat sagittal profile of the dorsal valve, a significantly lower and shorter apical process, weakly impressed ventral mantle canals and dorsal cardinal and central muscle scars.
Distribution and properties of commissural and other neurons in cat sensorimotor cortex.
Eighteen fetuses demonstrated brain malformations, such as commissural anomalies (three cases), holoprosencephaly (one), posterior fossa pathologies (four), tuberous sclerosis (three), cortical malformations (three), and a combination of anomalies.
In patients with AS of rheumatic etiology, one or more of the three commissures are often fused and the cusps may be either diffusely or focally fibrotic with or without commissural fusion or calcific deposits.
Quantitative analysis of myelinated axons of commissural fibers in the rat brain.
Thus, the cortex, basal ganglia, cerebellum, and the thalamus have highly specific afferent, efferent, interneuronal, and commissural connections.
Anon fasciculation and differences in midline kinetics between pioneer and follower axons within commissural fascicles.
Experiments with split-brain patients do not contradict our thesis; on the contrary, these experiments reveal that even after massive destruction of commissural connections, the correlative unity of brain and consciousness is still preserved.
The main features are leaflet thickening, nodularity, and commissural fusion, all of which result in narrowing of the valve to the shape of a fish mouth.
Butler and her team discovered that by increasing the amount of cofilin, or decreasing the amount of the restricting Limk1, the commissural axon growth accelerated.
Moreover, the commissural ridges in megaspores of I.