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The fiacre stopped at the door of a celebrated perfumer, and the commissionaire, deeming us of too much value to be left on a carriage seat, took us in her hand while she negotiated a small affair with its mistress.
When the commissionaire had gone, Holmes took up the stone and held it against the light.
The commissionaire and Morrison were talking together at the door.
Dashing down to the front hall he then laid similar charges of vigilance on the commissionaire at the front door, from whom he learned the simplifying circumstances that there was no back door.
I'll give you a sovereign if you'll wait here till I come back, and then tell me whether any man, woman, or child has gone into that house where the commissionaire is standing.
And when all three men gathered round the gilded commissionaire, who still stood smiling astride of the porch, the verdict was more final still.
They descended, passing the man with the pail, who again asseverated that he had let no intruder pass, down to the commissionaire and the hovering chestnut man, who rigidly reasserted their own watchfulness.
Additionally, MacKay said, "we will continue to keep our strong presence in Canada, which is another key market, with important clients and strategically important relationship like The Canadian Commissionaires.
Commissionaires patrol the current site, but they can't be there around the clock, all the time.
ology has developed Channel Partners, such as ToolWatch and the Commissionaires, and is now in negotiations with other leading security firms to address Loss Prevention programs for large industrial businesses.
A fight by commissionaires across Canada to unionize is intensifying as both management and the rank and lines in the sand.
ology's Channel Partners, such as ToolWatch and the Commissionaires address large businesses; the Kit program is designed to allow for the rapid delivery of I.
According to Ches Bennett, president of the newly formed local on Vancouver Island and a member of the negotiating team, the employer's attitude to the commissionaires was the driving force behind the members' decisions to form a union.
Since the Commissionaires officially came online approximately five weeks ago IDENTEX has submitted better than 7.
If the Liberals decide to create any more "four star" civilian executives, Jim Judd could look at relocating the CDS's offices to the front entrance of NDHQ, right next to the commissionaires.
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