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a municipal government that combines legislative and executive authority in the members of a commission

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The new structure has been credited with the recent recruitment boom, particularly among agents from firms with more traditional commission plans.
We offer commission to our agents based on a unique commission plan to all our agents.
The retail commission plan offers aggressive rates unlike any currently available.
Reform Commission Plan 2 (Model 2): In 2001 President Bush charged a commission to come up with a plan to restore Social Security to a sound footing while making personal savings accounts available to younger workers who want them.
We invite agents to talk to us who are tired of giving up to 50% of their hard-earned commissions to their real estate offices in the 50%-50% split or even the more liberal 70%-30% commission plan, or who hate dealing with office paperwork drop-offs and floor time issues.
Yet under the 9/11 Commission plan, the only real layer of protection the terrorists would need to circumvent is the same federal government that performed so poorly on September 11, 2001.
In its first move since the publication of their post-election report, the Commission plan to look at the way broadcasts provide the public with information.
A EUROPEAN Commission plan to cope with a new outbreak of BSE could hit Warwickshire farmers, says MEP Liz Lynne.
Incentives to increase profitable sales will also be part of next year's sales commission plan.
A citizens commission plan for redistricting school board seats for the Los Angeles Unified School District now goes to the City Council, which has until June 30 to adopt the proposal or set different boundaries.
With a promise to take a comprehensive look at campaign reforms, the Los Angeles City Council agreed on Wednesday with Mayor James Hahn in his veto of a city Ethics Commission plan that was termed a short-term solution.
Prior to joining Konarka, McGuire worked at Sanmina-SCI, with responsibility for all operational customer support aspects of the printed circuit manufacturing division, including capacity planning for eight manufacturing sites, with over $1B in order management, budgeting, commission plan design, and cost accounting.
At some companies, for example, a TWC compensation consultant may be enlisted to assist with completion of a sales commission plan and compensation-benchmarking project.
Either way, with the elected commission plan or the compromise, we're strengthening the mayor's authority.
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