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a stock or supply of foods

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They began poking the commissariat clerk and whispering something to him.
To my thinking that drunken commissariat clerk is a great deal cleverer, anyway one can see that he has addled his brains with drink, but you know, these foreigners are always so well behaved and serious.
During the meeting, First Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Kyrgyzstan Iliyazbek Subankulov talked about mistakes made by military commissariats in the past year, thanked all the participants and encouraged them to continue their work in the military service.
Il faudrait, selon lui, mettre en place quatre hauts commissariats qui se chargeront de la prospective, de la politique energetique et de la rehabilitation des competences.
Par Ingi Amr Plusieurs commissariats de police ont ferme leurs portes.
He has made good use of other archival materials as well, including the papers of the commissariats of justice and health and the diaries of the poet and novelist Mikhail Kuzmin.
When the dust had settled, it was clear that a purge had occurred on a scale seldom seen outside Hollywood boardrooms or old Soviet commissariats.
Born in 1994, a soldier was called up for military service in the spring of 2013 by one of the district military commissariats of Jalal-Abad region.
56 tireurs ont pris part a cette competition, representant les differentes directions et les commissariats centraux.
Deux commissariats de police a Benghazi, dans l'est de la Libye, ont ete les cibles lundi d'attentats a l'explosif, qui n'ont pas fait de victimes, et les services de securite ont dejoue une troisieme attaque, a indique a l'AFP un responsable de securite.
To help stave off custody battles between individuals who had taken in presumed orphans and surviving parents, in April 1943 the Council of People's Commissariats (Sovnarkom) underscored that legal adoption without parental consent could only take place when documentation had been provided about the parents' deaths.
Deux attentats ont vise, hier, deux commissariats de police de la ville sans faire de victime.
Les rebelles ont pris hier mardi pour cible des lieux symboles du pouvoir a Alep attaquant le tribunal militaire, une branche du parti Bs et prenant deux commissariats dans la capitale economique de la Syrie oE se joue depuis dix jours une bataille determinante.
Ces actes terroristes, qui se sont produits apres la mort de 17 personnes lors d'une serie de raids menes par Boko Haram dans la ville le 25 avril dernier, ont vise des casernes, une prison et plusieurs postes et commissariats de police mais aussi une clinique.
Les avocats en sit-in ont menace d'organiser des sit-in devant tous les commissariats de police de par le pays.
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