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a stock or supply of foods

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They began poking the commissariat clerk and whispering something to him.
To my thinking that drunken commissariat clerk is a great deal cleverer, anyway one can see that he has addled his brains with drink, but you know, these foreigners are always so well behaved and serious.
beaucoup moins que] La, il y a la garantie de paiement du wali [beaucoup plus grand que] Le directeur de la SDE de Bejaia s'est en effet vu, lors d'une visite dans la commune de Beni Maouche, intimer l'ordre de proceder au raccordement electrique d'un celibatorium, du commissariat et du siege de la daira.
SUNA) - Le commissaire general du commissariat de desarmement, de la demobilisation et la reintegration Dr.
Oresharski and Guterres will discuss the cooperation between Bulgaria and the United Nations High Commissariat for Refugees for the efficient management of migration processes.
Il s'agit d'un mouvement massif de personnes", a souligne Dan McNorton, au nom du Haut Commissariat des Nations unies pour les Refugies (HCR).
According to a statement issued by the Commissariat for Mobilization and Planning within Fatah in this regard, the land "is the center of the conflict and the core of the cause, and the survival of the people is dependent on preserving this land and holding onto every inch of it".
For their part, such international organisations as the Higher Refugees Commissariat, the International Organisation for Migrations, Islamic Rescue carried on negotiations with the countries which would host the Somali refugees whose total number stands presently at 1,100 at the Shusha camp.
At Le Commissariat in Paris, with an installation called Illuminati Hall, Fivel combined very similar elements to much greater effect.
Summary: Morocco is among the few countries that will achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015, head of Morocco's statistics office Haut Commissariat au Plan (HCP), Ahmed Lahlimi Alami said on Tuesday.
They also agreed on holding, within the coming months, an exceptional meeting for the council to discuss the integrated feasibility study of the secretariat-general of the Arab League on the proposed commissariat.
Perhaps he/she would like the Army to re-introduce the lash, rotten food from dishonest commissariat staff and no married quarters for wives.
THE Prime Minister and his commissariat are rubbing their hands with glee now that they have reduced the United Kingdom to Little Britain.
He is due to go to the Rio police commissariat to make a full statement on Monday, as are the transvestites.
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