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a stock or supply of foods

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La deuxieme convention a ete signee entre le commissariat regional de l'education de Sousse et l'Academie de Nice.
Lors de son discours devant la ceremonie, qui a ete organisee par le commissariat au centre de la formation professionnelle a Khartoum 2 en cooperation avec le Conseil supreme pour la formation professionnelle et l'apprentissage industril et le Programme des Nations Unies de developpement a l'occasion de la graduation de 40 etudiants des fils de l'Etat du Nil Bleu, Dr.
Le dispositif mis en place pour securiser les alentours du commissariat est reste consequent dans la nuit de dimanche a lundi et lundi matin, ont constate des journalistes de l'AFP.
In the statement, the Commissariat referred to the participation of the free people of the world in the Global March whose destination will be Jerusalem on the 30th of March.
The lawyers of the Bulgarian state argue that the Bulgarian royal family in 1879-1946 did not have personal funds and used state-owned properties, and that the funds they had within the commissariat of the civilian list of the government were too negligible to be used for purchasing property.
A report of this "information mission" will be submitted to the Higher United Nations Human Rights Commissariat.
Summary: Morocco is among the few countries that will achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by 2015, head of Morocco's statistics office Haut Commissariat au Plan (HCP), Ahmed Lahlimi Alami said on Tuesday.
Le Commissariat au lobbying a ete mis sur pied aux termes de la Loi federale sur la responsabilite en 2006, mais la Loi sur le lobbying n'est elle-meme en vigueur que depuis environ un an.
They also agreed on holding, within the coming months, an exceptional meeting for the council to discuss the integrated feasibility study of the secretariat-general of the Arab League on the proposed commissariat.
He is due to go to the Rio police commissariat to make a full statement on Monday, as are the transvestites.
ITEB RAS traces its roots to 1919 with the creation of People's Commissariat of Health.
This book is an institutional history of the People's Commissariat of Agriculture during the 1920s.
The incident, classed as level one on the international nuclear incident scale of 1 to 7, did not have any impact on the environment or on personnel working there, according to the Commissariat a l'Energie atomique, which said the reactor had been shut down after the leak had been detected.
Hilversum is now the Netherlands media capital and home to numerous broadcasting corporations whose activities are monitored by a national watchdog agency, the stern sounding Commissariat for the Media.
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