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an official of the Communist Party who was assigned to teach party principles to a military unit

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According to reports, Liu Xiaojiang, Commissar of the Navy, strictly warned his troops to "stop gossiping, inquiring blindly or spreading wrong information.
Later, the political commissars also collected the passports of all dead volunteers and together they were used to create identities for Soviet agents.
If Mr B would reinvent himself as Comrade Brocklebank, commissar of the Liverpool Podium and Sculpture Collective, the structure might yet grace the streets of our city.
I read Sr Col Wang Qigui's section of the article "Chinese Servicemen's Views of USAF Airmen and Education" (Winter 2007) with great interest to gain a perspective of what a communist political commissar thought about the American military system that operates without "political units or political officers" (p.
It begins with articles written by communist leaders such as Alexandra Kollontai, Nikolai Semashko (a physician who served as commissar of health), and Anatolii Lunacharskii (the commissar of "enlightenment"), then proceeds to belletristic works.
Also annoyed is a Soviet commissar of education named Bukharin, whom Pavlov refuses to allow into the laboratory.
Enhanced with extensive appendices of original and primary materials, as well as a glossary, a selected bibliography for further study, and an extensive index, American Prisoners Of War In German Death, Concentration, And Slave Labor Camps proceeds to provide an academically rigorous compilation of direct interviews, followed by chapters focusing on the German record with respect to treaty and law regarding POWs; German security services; German POW laws and regulations; the German Commissar Order; and much, much more.
Kaganovich, Commissar for Ukraine, set a quota of at least 10,000 executions a week.
After finishing a technical school, he participated in World War II as a political commissar with the partisans.
We wrote to our contact in England, who wrote to the Russian Olympic coach, who wrote to the commissar of track in Czechoslovakia, who got in touch.
Born in 1922 in Snovsk (now Sednev, Ukraine), he emigrated with his mother and grandmother to the United States in 1923; he never knew his father, a commissar executed by the Soviet regime a few months before his son's birth.
Pyotr Voyd, Petersburg poet, veers between alternate "realities," sometimes as "Petka" the Red commissar, at others "Petya," a nineties mental patient.
The result - The Commissar Vanishes - will be shown on seven screens at Warwick Arts Centre, one of only two venues for the multi-media event.
I recall a moment during the Vietnam War when a self-appointed political commissar of the anti-war movement phoned me: "Howard, I see you endorsed the antiwar rally called by the SWP [yes, that same inescapable bunch].
For the sake of our future we better pray that the Commissar for Nuclear Technology creamed off all the best brains and left space travel to the dunces.
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