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reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

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As far as suitability for flotation-feed preparation is concerned, van Drunick and others, authors of a paper on the research presented at MEI's Comminution 2010 conference noted, "A dry grinding product [from the VRM] would allow one to be better positioned to accurately control the dilution rate (hence percent solids) to the flotation plant feed.
After the comminution in the jaw crusher, the ground material falls directly into the Riffle Sample Splitter integrated in the collecting vessel and is automatically divided into representative samples.
Redisplacement after a closed manipulation indicates instability at the fracture site and re-manipulation rarely produces a better radiographic outcome10 and some suggest a dorsal comminution at the metaphysic is the cause.
Complex AO type C fractures of the distal femur pose difficulty in reduction to get anatomical alignment because of comminution, multiple fragments in different orientations, soft tissue attachments which aid in the deformity and difficulty in getting anatomical reduction which make these as challenging injuries, often met with complications such as malunion and stiffness.
The comminution segment was the core of the centralized biomass recovery operation.
However, in mountainous terrain, steep adverse grades, weight-restricted bridges and tight curves can limit the feasibility of driving large single trailers to the comminution site (Angus-Hankin et al.
Keith Cochrane, CEO of Weir, added: "This agreement will allow Weir Minerals to build upon its successful comminution strategy.
The acquisition extends the Weir product portfolio for mining customers; building on successful entry into comminution (crushing, grinding and screening).
We have verified that this method of fragmentation, known as comminution, works for predicting the effects of high-rate shearing of concrete under impact, and in principle it also should work for shale," said Bazant.
3,4] Fixed-angle volar plates can adequately stabilize articular fragments and both volar and dorsal comminution, even in osteoporotic bone.
10 patients had intra-articular fractures involving both condyles (33C-1), 12 patients had metaphyseal comminution (33C-2), and 24 patients had articular comminution (33C3).
A bulk sample has been collected and is being despatched for pilot-scale comminution, beneficiation and reduction test work prior to smelting studies.
When intermediate fragment is split or there is comminution of either level of segmental fracture, the interlocking nail is the only best available implant, since the conventional IM nailing does not provide adequate fixation.
The CT scan showed coronal split of humeral head with comminution of articular surface on both the sides.
The Mikro Mak Mill offers single stage processing by combining impact comminution, cutting and classifying within one mill.