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reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

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BBWi), Bond Abrasion Work Index (Ai) and SAG Mill Comminution Test
Although the figure of sparagmos and the technical term comminution are more abstract than the original image of satire as an acid, they are essentially similar.
It is extremely difficult to evaluate the various terms separately and thus obtaining an accurate energy balance on the comminution process.
Obtaining bitumen is an easier process compared to kerogen in oil shale, and bitumen would release during processes like comminution, flotation, etc.
Whereas most samples require no sample preparation other than extraction, comminution, dilution or filtration, carbohydrate determination in difficult matrices can be easily solved using Metrohm's sophisticated dialysis technique.
In these equations kc was the fractional comminution rate of LP and kp the fractionnal outflow rate of SP.
The plant detritus associated with soil mineral grains also increased its standing stock under cooler climates, suggesting that abundance of mineral-free detritus and its comminution had stronger control than soil mineralogical factors.
Dominant Clasts Erosion of local bedrock & comminution of extralocal bedrock.
reduction in energy used for comminution such as crushing and grinding); to identify 'good practice' in sustainable development (e.
The short course titles are as follows: "Particle Characterization," "Synthesis of Particle-Based Materials," "Basics of Particle Surface Modification," "Controlled Crystallization," "Introduction to Comminution Size Reduction Technology," and "Nanopowder Synthesis.
However, it is also possible that this correlation may be partially reflecting the process of comminution of sand to clay-sized fragments or some other glacidynamic process.
Coating methods and equipment will be described, including pre-coating versus in-situ use, application methods, organo-silanes, other organo-metallics, functionalized polymers, fatty acids, equipment for filler coating, equipment for coating of dry, pre-comminuted particles, and equipment for coating during wet or dry processing, including comminution.
The SSSE formulations after comminution are more uniform and contain fewer fine particles when compared to the control formulations.
The volume contains useful suggestions for interpreting the comminution of sherds on the surfaces of sites, and reconstructing processes contributing to the degradation of the surfaces themselves.