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  • verb

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reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

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Key statement: The rubber particles, at a room temperature below the glass transition temperature, are introduced into a comminuting device concurrent with the introduction of an inert gas coolant at a temperature below about -75[degrees]F and are comminuted at a rate proportional to the average particle size of the introduced rubber particles to an average size within the range of crumb or powder rubber particles.
It tackles many issues that have largely escaped anthropological consideration such as refugees from Irian Jaya, sex work, plantation experiences, suburban comminuting, or education.
They are particularly suitable for applications in food preparation as well as a wide range of general engineering applications involving blending, dispersing, emulsifying, suspending, solubilising, disintegrating, comminuting, reaction accelerating, agglomerate reduction, homogenising milling or gelling, together with combined pumping and mixing.
Patent for Landfill Reclamation states the following: "A method of increasing the capacity of an existing landfill to enable the disposal of additional material therein includes excavating materials disposed in the existing landfill, separating from the excavated material one or more components thereof, comminuting the components of the excavated material which are not removed by the previous step, and placing the comminuted material back into the landfill.