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reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

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Therefore, hardwood takes more energy to grind and requires more fuel to comminute.
Disc dispersers are used to detach and comminute recalcitrant ink in paper recycling operations.
The Roller Press, which will comminute 750-300 t/h of highly abrasive diamandiferous ore, will be incorporated into the existing AK1 process plant situated near the Kununurra villa in Western Australia.
The school has been an easy target, with its commuter students and comminute facilities and, above all else its substandard chain of command under outgoing President Blenda Wilson and recently ousted athletic director Paul Bubb.
Paper recycling processes are comprised of unit operations designed to comminute and remove ink and contaminates from pulp.
The next step is to comminute the superabsorbent polymer hydrogel to provide superabsorbent hydrogel particles and then dry the superabsorbent polymer hydrogel particles for a sufficient time at a sufficient temperature to provide the color-stable superabsorbent polymer particles.