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reduce to small pieces or particles by pounding or abrading

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The next step is to comminute the superabsorbent polymer hydrogel to provide superabsorbent hydrogel particles and then dry the superabsorbent polymer hydrogel particles for a sufficient time at a sufficient temperature to provide the color-stable superabsorbent polymer particles.
Conventional chipping followed by grinding and pelletizing of the roundwood may not be the most cost-efficient way to prepare dried fuel; it may be more cost efficient to comminute the roundwood in such a way that the wood chips have combustion properties comparable to those of pellets.
In New England, the common practice is to mix the residues, run them through an attrition mill to comminute them to a smaller size, and then dry them in a rotary, multipass drying system.
Summary: The Higher Arab Monitoring Committee (HAMC) in Israel has called on all Arab comminutes in Israel to declare a general strike on Thursday to mark the anniversary of the October 2000 riots that left 13 Arabs dead at the hands of Israeli police.
We actively target what could be thought of as the more difficult areas, the rural comminutes and the South Wales valleys and look to develop the sport.
Potential investors into the comminutes that need investment the most are finding it increasingly difficult to find the right premises and are having to look elsewhere.