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prayers proclaiming God's anger against sinners

a threat of divine punishment or vengeance

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D'autres comminations ont egalement ete interceptees entre des terroristes en Algerie avec des terroristes en Tunisie.
L'objectif etait en vue pour apprehender cette civilisation antillaise dans son espace americain, il nous fallait sortir des cris, des symboles, des comminations fracassantes [.
At last the leaders of the Democratic Party have moved decisively, hauling out their ripest comminations and hurling them at--no, not at George Bush.
Functions include: four new Excel functions with options to create charts as well as read and write spreadsheets; three new database options that allow users to run a query builder, create a database grid, and read and write from an Access, Oracle or SQL database; network comminations controls for network broadcasters and tuners, network listen, request and respond for inter-network communications, and a full suite of TCP/IP communications controls.
6) In their clerical capacity, Irish priests apparently delivered addresses from the altar in support of particular candidates and condemned members of the congregation who refused to follow their political lead, sometimes with quasi-religious comminations.