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prayers proclaiming God's anger against sinners

a threat of divine punishment or vengeance

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While some mak nyahs decided to renegotiate their relationships with institutionalized Islam and others chose to distance themselves from it, all of them rejected its commination of them and reconfigured it within their personal spiritualities that permitted them to live as empowered mak nyahs.
The tragic irony of the scene resides in the fact that this moment, transcendental in terms of Norma's humanity, coincides with her utmost humiliation as high priestess: the stripping other priestly coronet, the black veil, the funeral pyre, the commination.
6) Ariel's commination (25) evokes confession from contrite Alonso, but contempt from Sebastian and Antonio.
In an ESL classroom, lessons must be centred around oral language and the specifics of oral commination need to be explicitly taught.
Until the Church produces its new forms of confession, it's worth reading the Commination Service in the Book of Common Prayer, which helps to describe the fate of those who do not say "sorry".