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Synonyms for commercial

Synonyms for commercial

a commercially sponsored ad on radio or television

connected with or engaged in or sponsored by or used in commerce or commercial enterprises

of the kind or quality used in commerce

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Other lighting: four commercially available, two emerging;
CBS News is producing a news story that raises questions about the safety of consuming shellfish and calls for mandatory warning labels on all commercially gathered shellfish," said Boyle.
D-Wave Systems is a privately held company focused on building commercially viable quantum computer systems designed to solve complex problems that lie beyond the capabilities of conventional computing technology.
Other software programs contain built-in geometry modeling tools, while others use commercially available CAD software.
The X-34 was envisioned as a commercially operated, small-launch vehicle to reduce dramatically the cost of putting lightweight satellites into orbit, and to conduct early technology tests for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's reusable-launch vehicle program.
A commercially available single ended recuperative gas burner was identified which could operate as an immersed tube burner at the desired heat output.
These patients were then instructed to instill four drops of commercially available gentamicin/betamethasone four times a day, a regimen that is similar to the one used for the treatment of a discharging ear.
In this issue of Emerging Infectious Diseases, two articles analyze tularemia outbreaks, and one examines the pathologic features of monkeypox in commercially traded prairie dogs.
We measured the timing resolution with commercially available surface-barrier Si detectors.
The attacks normally focused on individuals who have jobs working with commercially or economically sensitive data, according to the NISCC.
The software must not be commercially available (the commercial availability test).
If speech is to be protected so that all ideas can be heard, we have to face the music and deal with the power of commercially amplified speech and its destructive influence on thoughtful discourse in this country.
It will be offered to people who have stopped using three commercially available protease inhibitors because of adverse reactions, intolerable side effects or because they haven't worked, La Jolla, Calif.
As long as the proper notice is provided, and the foreclosure sale is conducted in a commercially reasonable manner, the lender will be able to sell the collateral and if necessary, pursue the borrower for any deficiency.
NSTL made use of a commercially available File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client to generate traffic and measure the throughput.
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