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organized principally for financial gain

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Moreover, it seems clear--as Lizbeth Cohen argues in The Making of a New Deal--that one of the most significant consequences of the rise of commercialized leisure in the early twentieth century was the ways in which it broke down boundaries among different ethnic groups.
Finally, McBee's most compelling arguments involve his analysis of how commercialized leisure reconfigured gender relations among immigrants.
disagreed over the basic definition of white slavery, but the way that they presented the evils of commercialized prostitution was quite different.
If this program meets all developmental and commercial milestone events and results in drugs that are approved and commercialized in key geographical markets, it may generate future milestone payments to Celera of up to $360 million.
Once commercialized, health professionals could use this test to diagnose seasonal influenza and as an "early warning system" to identify individuals with typical flu symptoms who may harbor a potentially pandemic subtype, giving public health officials early notice of the emergence of a new subtype.
distributes pharmaceutical products, primarily generics, which have been commercialized by others, as well as our own, primarily to independent and chain pharmacies and physicians' offices; and
Among other things, there can be no assurances that any of VioQuest's research programs and compounds will be successfully commercialized.
Ovonyx memory technology uses a reversible phase-change memory process that has been previously commercialized worldwide in rewritable CD and DVD optical memory disks.
Interleukin Genetics has commercialized genetic tests for periodontal disease risk assessment, cardiovascular risk assessment, and general nutrition assessment, and its current development programs focus on osteoporosis, and weight management.
The Company has successfully commercialized the world's first antisense drug and has 15 drugs in development.
The award recognized the development of new materials and a device structure that led to the world's first commercialized OLED display panels that use phosphorescent materials.
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