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exploit for maximal profit, usually by sacrificing quality

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Under the terms of the agreement, Diatos expects to develop and commercialize Super-Leu-Dox, which is currently in late pre-clinical development, in Europe.
Potential risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to, the ability of Altea Therapeutics to both complete the design, development, and manufacturing process development of its products, manufacture and commercialize its products, obtain product and manufacturing approvals from regulatory agencies, manage its growth and expenses, finance its activities and operations, as well as marketplace acceptance of its products.
In conjunction with a license agreement with Kyorin, Bristol Myers Squibb currently commercializes the oral and injectable forms of gatifloxacin, under the brand name Tequin(R), in the United States for the treatment of a broad spectrum of infections, including respiratory and urinary tract infections.
has entered into a collaboration agreement with R&D-Biopharmaceuticals GmbH to develop and commercialize conjugates of the potent anti-cancer compound tubulysin with Insert's proprietary drug delivery system, Cyclosert(TM).
David Arthur's consulting firm, Chasm, specializes in bridging the chasm between research and product commercialization, so is well-aligned with NaturalNano's plan to commercialize the Pleximer product by the end of 2007.
Isonics, Battelle Memorial Institute as operator of PNNL and IHPBP are collaborating to complete the development of and then commercialize an environmentally safe system comprised of a chemical agent and an aerosol-based delivery method that can decontaminate microbial and fungal cells, spores, and viruses.
ADM and Metabolix are working together in a strategic alliance to commercialize Metabolix's patented and proprietary Natural Plastic technology.