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He's probably the kind of bloke who won't have a real Christmas tree because of "all those bloody needles", who doesn't buy presents because "it's commercialist clap-trap" and who thinks that snow on Christmas Day is a "bloody nuisance.
Provost signale, sur la base d'une etude comparative entre les dioceses d'Europe occidentale et ceux des Etats-Unis, que l'organisation et le fonctionnement des appareils diocesains aux Etats-Unis sont d'un type particulier, business oriented, ce qui contraste beaucoup avec le modele developpe en Europe et qui s'apparente au modele politique du gouvernement d'un etat [2] [much greater than] L'auteur explique ce type de developpement en raison de l'experience etasunienne de separation entre l'Eglise et l'Etat et par la mentalite mercantile qui caracterise ce pays (the commercialist mood of the Country itself).
Fox guys say the commercialist bombardment was coming anyway, whether or not the team changed hands from the O'Malleys to the Murdochs.
So while the laissez faire commercialist may argue that in terms of price, caveat emptor must be the governing principal, it is de gustibus non disputandum which ends settling all stakes and, in the end, seizes the day.
It's very contradictory when our public service programming speaks to the fact of non-commercialism, then we turn around and run a spot that's commercialist.
Hani Hamad, a commercialist, echoed, in similar statements to KUNA,
Along the way, Barbauld has made her progressive critique through discourses often labeled conservative--bourgeois commercialist virtues and a nationally defined sense of liberty.
It suited Treasury to "quietly drop" cost-benefit analysis in favour of a persistent advocacy of commercialisation since, by so doing, it could not only avoid being implicated in policy failures associated with public investments undertaken on the basis of the latter approach (such as the "Think Big" projects) but could also free its advisory staff to devise bold, innovative proposals which applied the commercialist model in one policy area after another.
Hence, the poem represents Byron's disengagement from commercial society, "his final break with the coveting cherub of his bookseller and his virtuous commitment to continue publication of Juan 'though it were to destroy fame and profit at once' (BLJ 10:126)" (215), which produces, not a revolution with an "empirical referent," but a "revolutionary text" that resists a commercialist modernity (353).
I argue, however, that what Coleridge rejects is, to a significant degree, the legacy of old middle-class Dissent, the commercialist culture of Arminian and Arian nonconformity.