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She expressed the view that commercialism cannot be termed 100% bad, but rather it is a good thing that artists are earning a good sum which is an advantage of commercialism.
The author explores the commercial reward system in the academic profession, drawing on the narratives of 61 scientists at four elite universities in the US, particularly the ideologies of commercialist scientists and their traditionalist peers who reject commercialization, to show how competing reward systems create intraprofessional conflict, affect professional identity, and how the new institutional goal of science is commercialism of technologies that have a quantifiable impact that can be measured financially and advance knowledge to a specific end.
Nino and not on merrymaking, tourism and commercialism.
Capita's well established Developing Commercialism in Local Government Conference explores the increasingly critical role of taking a streamlined, financially viable approach to delivering value for money.
This, to most citizens, actually means commercialism and consumerism.
I spent part of Black Friday listening to American composer Aaron Copland's excellent Quiet City which has something to say about the damage such commercialism and materialism can do.
We found partners to be the embodiment of commercialism," said Prof Spence.
Efford said that he is disappointed as the game of football seems to be increasingly about profit and commercialism rather than the community and the fans, who have sustained football for many generations.
Football again allows commercialism to eat away at its soul.
Commercialism in sports is an important issue today.
The media's representation of this wonderful occasion is a tawdry assault on our senses in the name of commercialism and bulimic excess.
As long as they are pitching their foolishness, I know that commercialism still exists.
When his friends and business partners find themselves losing money, Jim is called to remedy their ailing situation, and plans his ultimate sacrifice to commercialism - a live execution, complete with sponsorship deals.
AS Christmases come and go the more I realise that enjoyment of it has nothing to do with commercialism, gluttony and getting drunk.