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the act of commercializing something

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Cambridge Display Technology (CDT) is a privately held company leading the research, development and commercialisation of polymer technology for flat panel displays, lighting, and photovoltaics.
CDT is promoting LEP and dendrimer technology development and speeding its commercialisation through a global business strategy including co-developments with leading companies in a wide range of display and related technology areas.
In 2002, CDT was awarded Britain's most prestigious engineering prize, the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert Award for CDT's developments in engineering the rapid commercialisation of LEP technology and contribution to establishing the United Kingdom as a hot bed for innovation in science and engineering on the world stage.
British Biotech also retains the right to co-fund product development and commercialisation for an improved return on sales.
British Biotech acquired exclusive European and Japanese development and commercialisation rights to BB-10901 from ImmunoGen Inc.
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