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a treaty governing commerce between two or more nations

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Barlow, nevertheless, forged ahead, negotiating a commercial treaty and maritime claims convention with French officials that he brought with him on what turned out to be his final mission--to Napoleon's winter headquarters at Wilna.
commercial treaty program went dormant for several years until it was finally revived in 1977, when the Carter Administration decided to pursue a different type of treaty: the BIT.
For instance, could a commercial treaty do no more than make an international agreement, with Congress actually having to change domestic commerce statutes to satisfy the new international obligation?
When the first Finno-Estonian commercial treaty was prepared, it included a paragraph which claimed that the treaty would serve as a basis for a future customs union.
In January 1923, Eduard Virgo held a presentation in a meeting of the Finnish-Estonian Society where, according to Erkki Reijonen, he said that the commercial treaty could be seen "as a first step towards a customs union" between Finland and Estonia.
76) Memorandum concerning the French-Estonian commercial treaty, November 1921.
This decision can be explained by the crucial importance of the planned commercial treaty with Russia but also by the repeated problems of including the Baltic Clause in other Finnish trade treaties.
Finland started preparing a commercial treaty with the United Kingdom in the autumn of 1921.
The Estonians wanted a clause concerning customs unions, which they already had in the Tartu Peace Treaty with Soviet Russia and in the commercial treaty with Finland, but, in addition, they wanted to include a list of countries to which they could grant special benefits.
Now, much to the disappointment of the Russian negotiators, it was Lord Forbes who halted the unprecedented progress toward the Anglo-Russian commercial treaty.
Petersburg, finally signed the Anglo-Russian Commercial Treaty of 1734 at Count Osterman's residence on the second of December, 1734, seven months after Lord Forbes's departure.
In defeat, Osterman had, of necessity, adopted his rivals' attitude toward the commercial treaty.
Reading, The Anglo-Russian Commercial Treaty of 1734 (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1938).
14) The intense pressure from Count Osterman for a defensive alliance strained the relationship between the two men and virtually halted the negotiations for a commercial treaty.
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