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He was described on the deeds as a commercial traveller from 11c North Parade, Whitley Bay, and bought the house from new on February 22, 1924.
The old concept of the commercial traveller, with company car and expense account has become rather outdated as our ways of communication become more sophisticated.
I have had more than 20 years' driving experience as a commercial traveller and on scores of occasions a starting handle has got me out of difficulty.
Other claims include kicking a sofa, slipping on orange peel and a commercial traveller in Carmarthen who was paid a whopping pounds 1,000 (pounds 59,890 today) after his frightened horse threw him off his carriage.
14) This commercial function distinguished the commercial traveller from hawkers, pedlars, or 'Scotch drapers, who carried small items for sale directly to consumers either by calling door to door or by selling at fairs and markets.
My dad, an Adamsdown boy, a commercial traveller, was killed on a flight home from Belfast.
He moved to Sheffield and entered the service of the Globe Works as a commercial traveller.
The poem is spoken by an alcoholic commercial traveller.
He shows how these motifs are conspicuously absent from Die Verwandlung and Der Process, two claustrophobic narratives that begin with references to travel (Gregor Samsa is a commercial traveller, Josef K.
One Stockton commercial traveller on a fixed salary of [pounds]250 a year plus a further commission of [pounds]150, a local preacher, who was so trusted by his employer that he allowed him to make donations to charitable causes on his behalf, embezzled some [pounds]1,700 before being discovered.
Already in 1904 the days of the old-style British commercial traveller were numbered.
The film finds Det Insp Harry Martineau (Stanley Baker) pursuing a dangerous escaped convict through 1960s Manchester and across Saddleworth Moor, encountering on the way a superior cast of character actors, from Donald Pleasance's genteel bookmaker to George A Cooper's cynical pub landlord and Warren Mitchell's nervous commercial traveller.
He became a commercial traveller for the Educational Supply Association for five years, during which time he took up amateur dramatics with the St Pancras People's Theatre in London.
The report stated: "Sergeant Frank C D'Auvergne, a former commercial traveller, now of the DLI, whose home address is Borden, Clifton, Morpeth, ran forward 50 yards with a Bren and caused a German crew to abandon their tank.
On the Tuesday afternoon of August 22, 1899, 50-year-old George William Cornwall, a commercial traveller who had spent some time at the troubled house for reasons still unknown, had been found in a Chester and Runcorn railway carriage at Edge Hill Station with his throat cut so deeply, the blade had notched the spine - and yet the knife that took Cornwall's life was never found, despite an inch-by-inch search for miles along the train tracks leading to Edge Hill Station.
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