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In fact, Jack made the Crown safe for commercial travellers and racehorse owners, and the monthly meetings of the Brevet Club.
For an anecdotal description of the experiences of one commercial traveller see Binstead, A Pink Un and a Pelican, 15 ff.
In one respect at least, Edwardian commercial travellers had a less stressful lifestyle than their mid-Victorian predecessors.
Born in February 1908, the son of a Suffolk teacher, John Mills moved to London at the age of 20 as a commercial traveller selling disinfectant door-to-door.
Arthur Miller had compassion for those who suffer corporate victimisation, and so we see his central character, Willy Loman, a commercial traveller, gradually driven to suicide as his sales figures drop and his commission is trivialised along with his request for a rise.
Hubert was the son of commercial traveller Harry Clayton and book keeper Ellen (formerly Hirst).
Miller's Willy Loman is a man of pathetic mediocrity, a commercial traveller who flogs his dreams and fantasies to his family with the same phony enthusiasm with which he flogs his samples around America.
A retired commercial traveller, Mr Clifton was brought up in Bearwood.
The 53-year old son of a Walsall commercial traveller - "he sold Daz and Tide shop to shop for Procter and Gamble " - his mother came from an alcohoree, strict Congregationalist background.
Good vision, well-placed instruments, comfortable but supportive seating and a good driving position make this an ideal long-distance workhorse for commercial travellers or those with children.
Police blood-tested hundreds of men - many of them lorry drivers and commercial travellers - after recovering vital genetic material at the spot where Inga was found.
The new measures - which include the stricter screening of passengers and luggage applied to commercial flights following the 11 September terrorist attacks - may cause delays to professional sports teams who are accustomed to moving quickly from team buses to charter aircraft without passing through the same security checkpoints as commercial travellers.
The Travel Visa Company team will provide a service for both corporate and commercial travellers, that includes personally collecting visas directly from embassies and delivering them to customers.
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