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com is given the power to exclusively set the terms (including the price) for sale of the data outside the local agencies, even though it is dealing in many cases with its arch-competitors in the commercial traveler information business.
It is recognized that the same data that is useful to the public transportation agencies also has value for commercial traveler information applications.
Occupational risk factors for alcohol abuse include: workers in the alcohol industry, entertainers, commercial travelers, bored housewives, bachelors over the age of 40, armed forces personnel, and health care professionals.
She is a volunteer at United Commercial Travelers, where she helps raise funds to assist the mentally and physically disabled.
The commercial travelers, though a kindly race, emitted involuntary noises of pain; a murmur of suppressed jests was heard, as "Shun the bowl," or "Better bring out the cow.
has upgraded the issuer credit rating to "bb+" from "bb" and affirmed the financial strength rating of B (Fair) of Commercial Travelers Mutual Insurance Company (Commercial Travelers) (Utica, NY).
In particular, individuals crossing the Armenian-Iranian border, including commercial travelers, would have to fill out customs declarations only in the country of departure.
She has additionally been a member of the Associated Canadian Travellers/United Commercial Travelers of America since 1989; she sat on the original 1994 board for Child Find; and she was a director of the Canadian Special Olympics in 1998.
She was a member of the United Commercial Travelers and was an avid golfer in the Leicester and Oxford area.
By opening its APIs to select partners, Alaska Airlines is enabling a new generation of value-added services for its commercial travelers, employees, cargo customers and other stakeholders.
George's parishes and the United Commercial Travelers.
We're delighted to welcome our first commercial travelers to a new home that similarly reinvents the airport experience.
He is a past grand councilor for United Commercial Travelers.
The potential affiliation with NGL would create economies of scale and promote operational efficiency that Commercial Travelers could not achieve on its own.
This contract is for the supply, installation, cleaning, maintenance, maintenance, insurance and commercial travelers and street furniture advertising and non-advertising shelters on the public domain of the municipality of Valencia .
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