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Specialized teams know how to design and build commercial instruments, providing innovative and patentable solutions along the way.
Different rules apply to different commercial instruments.
The new plan would call for Air Force officers who have not attended SUPT to volunteer for the Predator and undergo the following three-phase training program: (1) use of contracted civil aviation or Air Force initial flight training (IFT) to obtain a private pilot's license, (2) use of contracted civil aviation training to obtain the equivalent of a commercial instrument rating, and (3) attendance and completion of Predator IQT.
Introduced in 1972, the C14 was truly in a class by itself--a portable 14-inch telescope that was as close to being ready-made for astrophotography as any commercial instrument then available.
Published in time for the distribution of the first commercial instrument available for this new technique, the book will be of interest to future users of HR-CS AAS.
The founders of Analytical Spectral Devices built their own UV-Vis-NIR system to do field testing because there was no commercial instrument available for them to use.
Licensing agreement is the first step for Logos Biosystems to generate the world's first commercial instrument for the Clarity technology.
designed the first commercial instrument able to image magnetic fields so weak they are 40 billion times smaller than the Earth's magnetic field.
The authors developed a model based on general network analysis techniques and compared it to the calibration of a commercial instrument.
Yet, no commercial instrument neither a research laboratory prototype is available to measure spatio-temporal couplings of ultrashort lasers.
is the first commercial instrument to acquire data in the VUV wavelength range below 190 nm.
The first application of this method as the basis for a commercial instrument for specific applications appears to have been made by Lindeck and Rothe [2] at the Reichsanstalt in 1899.
In his absorbing profile of Vesto Slipher, Smith describes how the young astronomer from Indiana arrived at a place that was isolated from other observatories, professional astronomers, and commercial instrument workshops.
at Pittcon 2000 is the Digital Electronic Tongue, the first commercial instrument to simulate human taste.
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