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Different rules apply to different commercial instruments.
The new plan would call for Air Force officers who have not attended SUPT to volunteer for the Predator and undergo the following three-phase training program: (1) use of contracted civil aviation or Air Force initial flight training (IFT) to obtain a private pilot's license, (2) use of contracted civil aviation training to obtain the equivalent of a commercial instrument rating, and (3) attendance and completion of Predator IQT.
Licensing agreement is the first step for Logos Biosystems to generate the world's first commercial instrument for the Clarity technology.
The founders of Analytical Spectral Devices built their own UV-Vis-NIR system to do field testing because there was no commercial instrument available for them to use.
The SYNAPT HDMS system is the only commercial instrument to incorporate high efficiency ion mobility separation in a dual ionization mass spectrometer giving scientists maximum analytical power for discovery research challenges.
in Aerospace Engineering, Koerbel also holds a MBA from Wichita State University and is a commercial instrument rated pilot.
We are on track with our stated milestones of completing the introduction of our genetic analysis instrument system later this year and continue to expect commercial instrument sales in the first half of 2006," he added.
This is for its breakthrough SYNAPT(TM) High Definition Mass Spectrometry(TM) (HDMS(TM)) system, the first commercial instrument that combines ion mobility (IMS) based measurements and separations with high resolution tandem mass spectrometry.
The MAX IFR is the first Light Sport Aircraft that is Part 23 instrument compliant for IFR IMC flight, and can be used to train students from Sport Pilot, Private, up to and including a Commercial Instrument rating.
Yet, no commercial instrument neither a research laboratory prototype is available to measure spatio-temporal couplings of ultrashort lasers.
The first application of this method as the basis for a commercial instrument for specific applications appears to have been made by Lindeck and Rothe [2] at the Reichsanstalt in 1899.
XenoTech purchased the Waters Synapt HDMS System after an exhaustive six-month evaluation of all commercial instrument providers.
Lynx has a highly experienced commercial instrument development team and an instrument design already in its third generation.
By combining technologies, intellectual property and staffs, we expect to accelerate product development with the goal of releasing our first commercial instrument system in 2005.
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