commercial bribery

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bribery of a purchasing agent in order to induce the agent to enter into a transaction

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reported case charging commercial bribery under the Travel Act and
The Travel Act allows the DOJ to federalize a state commercial bribery statute if the transaction touches any state with a commercial bribery statute," Rogers says.
s auto finance unit in China for involvement in commercial bribery, Xinhua News Agency reported Monday.
Xinhua also reported that investigators had evidence that the four were involved in commercial bribery and there were suspects in China's steel and iron enterprises who were providing commercial secrets to them.
We have our own law against commercial bribery and have also signed up to international laws on the subject.
Scott Brabson, 50, and a company consultant, William Rosendahl, 48, were indicted last year on multiple counts, including conspiracy, wire fraud and foreign travel to promote commercial bribery.
The two men were sentenced to 18 months in a prison settlement for aiding and abetting terrorism and commercial bribery.
US attorney James Comey said traders were charged with conspiracy, money laundering, bankruptcy fraud, commercial bribery and securities fraud.
Commercial bribery is the offering, giving, receiving or soliciting of anything of value to influence the outcome of a business transaction.
While in the New Hampshire office, he prosecuted the Hells Angels, a gang of armored car robbers and American Honda sales executives in the largest commercial bribery case in U.
The 11-count indictment accuses Bond of conspiracy, investment advisory fraud, commercial bribery and making false statements to the SEC during its investigation.
At its most sophisticated level, financial institution fraud includes embezzlement schemes, commercial bribery, and counterfeiting.
Part of the difficulty is a misunderstanding of the distinction between political and commercial bribery.
In fact, it happened 32 years ago when the late Jim Mattox, a Dallas Democrat, was charged with commercial bribery.
We have heard from the business community for years that a tailored tool to gauge levels of commercial bribery was needed.
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