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Synonyms for internet

the Internet


Synonyms for internet

a computer network consisting of a worldwide network of computer networks that use the TCP/IP network protocols to facilitate data transmission and exchange

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The technology to permit them is being eagerly pursued in the commercial Internet industry.
One feature the commercial Internet services offer is the investor forum--the electronic chatrooms where investors can swap stock advice or seek information.
Chengku provides the following services for enterprises: online information popularization; online promotion; comprehensive e-Commerce services of online trading; online wholesale and retail stores to gain direct trade opportunities through online secured banking systems; publishing such information as enterprise member's request, information retrieval services including trade search engines, online supply and demand search; chargeable services for goods search and rank; cooperating with traditional medias to set up professional modern commercial Internet medias in every city; professional paper intermediary advertisement and yellow page advertising services for members; chargeable Wireless Internet Short-Message-Services and WAP website services.
Switch and Data, a leading Internet exchange and managed infrastructure provider, today announced it has significantly increased its presence in four markets -- New York City 60 Hudson, a premier carrier hotel, Toronto, Buffalo, and Palo Alto, the world's densest commercial Internet exchange.
a leading provider of innovative email defense solutions that ensure email protection and security for enterprises, service providers, government organizations, resellers and their customers, today revealed that only 3 percent of unsolicited commercial Internet email complied with the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act in February.
Draper's diversified interests include CBS and UPN affiliates; a regional residential and commercial Internet service provider; extensive agricultural, residential and commercial land holdings; and DCI Voice Solutions, a premiere voice and data business services provider.
In addition to China Unicom's UniNet, AsiaInfo has designed and implemented most of China's major commercial Internet backbones and IP networks, including ChinaNET, China's first commercial Internet backbone, and China Mobile's CMCCNet, China Netcom's CNCNet, and China Railcom's RailNet.
a provider of premium commercial Internet hosting and high-performance connectivity, has deployed Sockeye Networks' GlobalRoute(TM) 3.
Internet Partners is the largest commercial Internet provider in Poland, and is owned by GTS Central Europe (GTS CE) - the largest alternative telecom operator in Central Europe.
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