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Synonyms for comment

Synonyms for comment

critical explanation or analysis

an expression of fact or opinion

to state facts, opinions, or explanations

Synonyms for comment

a written explanation or criticism or illustration that is added to a book or other textual material

explain or interpret something

provide interlinear explanations for words or phrases

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I like Cali Rae Daniels version BC she doesn't curse in it and it's real," one commenter wrote on Facebook.
The commenter is the potential source for a story or crowd-sourcing project.
But in addition to frequent references to the audience, the commenters, and the stream itself, the show felt live and audience-engaged, providing a solid example of how to leverage the Facebook Live platform without distracting from the primary content of the show.
Most scarily of all, commenters joked that the animals might get hungry and eat their owner:
Many opposing commenters question whether the proposal would result in public benefits, alleging that GS Bank and its affiliates have violated laws and have been investigated for possible violations of laws in the United States and abroad related to mortgage servicing, mortgage securitization, and asset-price manipulation.
The Foreign Ministry said that for some time now, it has noticed positive comments about Israel from Iraqi commenters.
We agree with the commenters and have revised this final rule to include long-term care services in the definitions," CMS says.
Deep fat fryers were the overwhelming target of concern, with commenters using choice terms - "surprised," "shocked," "disheartened" and "appalled" - to describe their outrage.
have day-to-day responsibilities like debating topics with commenters, writing blogs about things that annoy the commenters, and then writing up blogs about the terrible things commenters sometimes say.
No specific factual errors in Kaveney's piece were noted by commenters or in other correspondence.
Commenters heaped praise on the Saudi couple and the Syrian expatriate for their role in rescuing the muezzin and apprehending the stabber, singling out the woman for her quick decision.
Santana observed that non-anonymous commenters were nearly three times as likely to post civil comments.
Asia bureau chief Patrick Frater wrote about Disney's upcoming release of three Bollywood films with the Mouse's branding, which cheered commenters ("In India, Disney Goes Bollywood").
One of the main reasons for moving to Google+ is YouTube's long desire to put faces to names when it comes to commenters, in order to reduce the amount of spam and vicious comments that plague YouTube comments and also to provide video creators a recognizable audience to reach out to.
But when you open your content to commenters, you also open it to trolls, and many very successful websites with engaged users are still struggling to find ways to foster discussion and drown out the troublemakers.