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Synonyms for period

Synonyms for period

a specific length of time characterized by the occurrence of certain conditions or events

a particular time notable for its distinctive characteristics

an interval regarded as a distinct evolutionary or developmental unit


a span designated for a given activity


Synonyms for period

an amount of time

Related Words

the interval taken to complete one cycle of a regularly repeating phenomenon

(ice hockey) one of three divisions into which play is divided in hockey games

a unit of geological time during which a system of rocks formed

the end or completion of something

the monthly discharge of blood from the uterus of nonpregnant women from puberty to menopause

a punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations

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I am pleased we appear to be moving in the direction of separating interest rate risk and credit risk and that structural change alone is sufficient for me to believe an additional comment period would be appropriate," he added.
The new comment period will end on September 25, 2009.
To participate in the public comment period, contact Phillip Mariscal, ASCE standards administrator, at pmariscal@asce.
During the comment period, the group expressed support for the clean-air goals of the EPA, but also spelled out the "regulatory implementation challenges which equipment manufacturers face," relative to "technological feasibility and cost-effectiveness," as well as their preference for global alignment of the EPA regulations with those in Europe and Japan.
EPA noted that the comment period for proposed revisions to the National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) for PM will still close on April 17.
The Board plans to implement the amendments as part of its review of Regulation Z and is publishing this second ANPR to reopen and extend the public comment period.
The AICPA extended the comment period on an exposure draft of proposed Statement on Standards for Valuation Services, Valuation of a Business, Business Ownership Interest, Security, or Intangible Asset (www.
Comments submitted during the public comment period that ended Nov.
But once the rule is written another public comment period will take place, allowing real estate professionals to read the rule and respond, said a high-ranking spokesman for the U.
These new standards regulating the emissions of hazardous air pollutants from iron and steel foundries were officially proposed by EPA in December, which opened a 60-day public comment period.
Diageo, maker of Smirnoff Ice, said that it would be some time before final regulations would become binding, but said it planned to take advantage of the comment period.
The Internal Revenue Service has extended the comment period on a proposed "mobile machinery tax" on heavy equipment such as cranes, drilling rigs and utility vehicles.
When necessary, an extension of the comment period will be requested.
The 1996 edition of the American National Standards Institute standard Z765, "Single-Family Residential Buildings - Square Footage Method for Calculating," is undergoing a maintenance review and public comment period as required by ANSI procedures.
Under this procedure, a comment period is initiated when a study group gives consent to approve the draft text of a recommendation which it considers mature.