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Synonyms for commensurable

properly or correspondingly related in size, amount, or scale

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capable of being measured by a common standard

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Also, it is important to consider that what doubles experience in the different positions they occupy across the cosmos is not commensurable as subjective creations emerging from a literary imagination, but are best described as actual events.
A thinking of world literature that emphasizes multiple, potentially opposed centers has the potential to remind readers that not all texts need to be made commensurable with local experience, however economically powerful it may be, while recognizing the impact of broader cultural and political circumstances.
Our modeling process equalizes all of that, creating a truly commensurable comparative platform.
The assessment concluded that FONDI BESA has instituted a functioning environmental and social management system which was found commensurable with the level of environmental and social risks associated with its micro- and SME financing activities.
He details the background of an ideal language that apparently existed: the original language of Adam--the first utterances--in the book of Genesis of the Hebrew Bible--and, no doubt a commensurable language.
Hume devotes Part I of "Of Miracles" to arguing for the first lemma and making the lemma intelligible by showing that testimony is commensurable with experience that supports a candidate for a law of nature.
Commensurable with the Deweyan idea that democratic experience is socially enacted, Ubuntu as a manifestation of human interdependence and dignified co-existence was understood and enacted to prevent the possibility of a human tragedy associated with a violent post-apartheid revolution.
Adding the ingredient of positivism, these characteristics make of human a knower of his reality, an observer that can subtract himself of the reality he lives in in order to comprehend, make sense of it in a commensurable way, because reality is out there, separated from the observer.
36) This view is by Aristotle well illustrated in his analysis of a body's motion in the void; the Stagirite aims to demonstrate the inadmissibility of the void because the velocities in the plenum are commensurable in the proportion of their media, that is to say [v.
We also seek to secure employment conditions, prerequisites and dues as well as the post services dues that commensurable with the socio-economic changes.
The main conclusion presented by Alumae was the following: for the solution of such a problem the separation of a general stress state into a membrane state and boundary effects is possible (i) if a period of the change of loading is longer or commensurable with the time during which an elastic wave passes the distance equal to the radius of the middle surface, and (ii) if the aim is only determination of maximal displacements and stresses.
Among their topics are integral distances: commensurable angles, hull formation: separability, Helly's theorem: transversal problems for ovals, covering problems, point set geometry and convexity, realization of distances, simple paradoxes involving point sets, additional theorems of Helly type, and pure combinatorics: graphs.
Indeed, economic analysis assumes (and sometimes asserts) (78) that all goods are commensurable.
Emerging creative industries and related research efforts are a case of creativity studies, which has experienced collaboration with social sciences and the humanities as well as the fate of commensurable segregation.