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Synonyms for commensurable

properly or correspondingly related in size, amount, or scale

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capable of being measured by a common standard

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All these mathematicians struggled with the problem of commensurability, the problem Beckett associates with Proust's struggle to express "the many concessions required of the literary artist by the shortcomings of the literary convention" (1-2).
The limited commensurability between represented and representing intentions and actions is economically demonstrated by the presence of a single word -- "Hum" -- in the Q2 text of Hamlet.
But what this same criterion can establish, within value calculations, is a basis for the commensurability of naturally occurring and man-made attributes of land.
Such commensurability is, however, only possible with paradigms that share certain traits and assumptions so they "fit comfortably together" (Guba & Lincoln, 2005, p.
Though the differences between the PFB and other personality tests highlight the problem of commensurability (that can make it difficult or even impossible to compare these results with others), it has the advantage of reflecting an actual/original and appropriate structure of the Big Five, totally configured for Brazilians.
Claims that reach beyond those algorithms violate the commensurability principle and are thus invalid for overbreadth.
In capitalist society, as displayed in the doctrine of circulation, market exchange is conducted in terms of equivalences (with commodities the social commensurability of which we have now established is rooted in their embodiment of socially necessary labour) being traded according to relative normal or equilibrium prices.
What is necessary to overcome these obstacles is an awareness of the difficulties posed by translation and commensurability, power and equality, gender, praxis vs.
This commensurability, or "resonance," allows the perturbations that the two planets exert on each other to add constructively for centuries on end.
The commensurability here resembles that of his more polemical essays that are expressly not philosophical, but attempt to undermine pseudo-philosophy or sophistry.
On a more elemental level, the translation negotiated "a ground of commensurability between Chinese and Christian values" and between two very different languages and political traditions (131).
She invokes the language of pluralism, cultural diversity, commensurability, and cross-cultural judgment.
His account recognizes the incommensurability of scales of choice; however, in the capitalist world money represents a quantitative commensurability of all things, including choice, and thus confuses accounts of choice in utilitarianism and in neoclassical economics.
In the context of Western Sydney, it can be seen as expandable to Aboriginal and Islander communities and others, including Lebanese-Australians, subjected to "blackening" by strategies of substitution, projection and commensurability.
7): 'it is based on the assumption that of the three options: Isolationism of paradigms, non commensurability (meaning incomparable) and commensurability (comparable), the latter makes the most sense'.