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Synonyms for commensurable

properly or correspondingly related in size, amount, or scale

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capable of being measured by a common standard

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Finally, ordinal commensurability may exist even in situations where the items to be compared do not belong to classes that appear in any hierarchical ranking, either fixed or variable.
In other words, the correlating of generic effects with generic causes, and the correlating of specific effects with specific causes, is not, according to Aristotle, the only way to ensure commensurability of cause and effect.
However, only after the recognition of cultural commensurability can we have greater confidence to celebrate Canada as a multicultural nation and to call for equality, respect and fairness among diverse cultural and ethnic groups.
2) Madame d'Auneuil's fabrication of a myth of origins for a vast waterworks project asserts the commensurability of literary and mechanical production, both of which glorify but ultimately transcend the roi-machine.
To elucidate the status of adjectives becomes necessary in order to guarantee the commensurability of the phenomena examined if Mandarin Chinese is to be included in typological studies of adjectival modification in the DP.
Also, the extrasolar system around HD 37124 that consists of two planets with periods of 155 and 31 days shows a 5:1 mean motion resonance, so even the particular commensurability seen for HD 202206 is not new.
180) Supra note 16 at 731 (discusses the typical indicia of commodification including commensurability (the ability for a thing to be compared in value with others), monetizability (the ability for a thing to be converted into dollar value), and fungibility (the ability for a thing to be substituted for by another)).
One cannot know in advance the commensurability of two language games.
15) Commensurability reduces the need of buyers to measure the attribute.
Multiple Objectives: Commensurability, Calibration and Decision.
The ninth century, a time of cultural renewal in the Carolingian, Byzantine and Abbasid empires, possesses the remarkable characteristic which ensures commensurability that the same texts, namely the writings of Aristotelian logic (mainly Porphyry s Isagoge and Aristotle s Categories) were read and commented upon in Latin, Greek, Syriac and Arabic alike.
These interpretations share a common flaw: they fail to secure commensurability between Parmenides' aletheia and doxa.
As a family of arguments, war-inspired legal assertions raise concerns about transparency, accountability, duration, and commensurability.
This loose sense of 'paradigm' eschews debates in the philosophy of science regarding the commensurability of paradigms, their epistemological status and ontological presuppositions.
But commensurability of doctrinal content is only part of the problem.