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the relation between two different kinds of organisms when one receives benefits from the other without damaging it

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The relationship we described, in which one participant benefits (cormorants) while the other is not affected (stingray), represents an example of commensalism.
As of now, the researchers have described the symbiotic relationship as commensalism rather than mutualism, which means that just one species clearly benefits and no damage is done to the other.
commensalism and mutualism) are those in which one organism is aided without any harm to the other.
In commensalism, one partner benefits and the other is neither helped nor is hurt.
Keywords: Packrats, Neotoma, phoresy, commensalism, mutualism
Although competition of individuals within and between species is considered important, the significance of mutualism (and in some cases commensalism (1)) within these processes is also recognized.
The study also related poor service with customer perceived commensalism and parasitism, which lead customer resistance, and in turn erosion of profits and/or market share.
17) In its social context it is closely related to symbiosis, (18) commensalism ("sharing one's table," a Latin synonym for symbiosis) (19) as well as symposium: "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.
Cohabitation of small lobsters with large lobsters would offer the former protection from predators and a potentially abundant, high-quality, sheltered food source, and would therefore represent a form of commensalism.
There are interesting implications to be drawn from relationships such as commensalism (+, 0), in which one species benefits with no benefit or detriment to the other; amensalism (-, 0) in which the ordinary life activities of one species have an unintended negative effect on another (as when humans trample through grassland to the detriment of some plant and invertebrate animal species); and contramensalism (+, -), in which the interaction is clearly to the benefit of one species and to the detriment of the other.
Contact between those of high degree with those of lower degree produced pollution in those of high degree, hence the castes must be kept apart by the ban of intermarriage and the restrictions of commensalism.
The odd coupling falls under the umbrella category of symbiosis but doesn't fit neatly into the standard sub-categories of parasitism, mutualism or commensalism, McClintock says.