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Ali Tarik Ali who is undergoing treatment at NBK Hospital, has always dreamt to become a commando.
The commandos would be imparted special training as given to the commandos in Sindh and after equipping them with latest weapons, these commandos would be deployed for the security of foreigners.
A fully armed para commando usually carries a load of around 30 kilograms and is trained to survive in extreme conditions.
The aircraft were erroneously engaged by Greek Cypriot anti-aircraft guns at Nicosia International Airport, and the third Noratlas was shot down with the loss of four crew and 28 commandos.
ON THE AFTERNOON of February 11, the Esprit de Corps Commando hockey team took to the ice to play against the foreign military attache team--the Lame Ducks.
These commandos have been asked to keep a watch on each and every boat going into the sea and returning ashore.
The Go Commando calendar traditionally features images of Royal Marines.
Hap" Arnold, to provide air support for British troops under the eccentric Major General Wingate as they operated behind Japanese lines in Burma, the Air Commandos were breaking entirely new ground in operational theory, tactics, and inter-Allied cooperation.
Assam Rifles Commando Rajiv Kumar said that the forces are well-prepared to conduct the operations.
Campus Commandos knows that to build lasting relationships in the college demographic, brands have to get in the trenches of campus life and truly interact with students," Grant, 27, said.
Among the changes, Chaos Commandos transformed the outdated dental office, organizing it with new color-coded and labeled procedure trays and located an “arsenal” of epoxy guns for creating molds and appliances within easy reach of examination chairs.
Without the sappers, who clear routes, disarm bombs and a range of other tasks, Plymouth-based 3 Commando Brigade will struggle on future operations, according to former officer Jim Pearson.
SCOTS commandos have spearheaded a surgical strike on the Taliban's "Heart of Darkness".
He said that the commandos failed to evacuate the roof of the ship by using percussion grenades, and they found themselves, after descending from a helicopter, in the midst of what Ashkenazi called "chaos".
Summary: ANKARA, April 18, 2010, SPA -- Turkey&'s military says navy commandos aboard a frigate have captured 13 pirates in the Indian Ocean, AP reported.