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the position or office of commander

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The commandership of the Sultan's Armed Forces grants much attention to the development of the college in terms of curricula, training, organization and administration and in all other levels.
He was also in favor of giving supreme commandership of the army to Magars (Dept.
Al-Maliki's reference to commandership of the military forces is a clear indication of using military forces in case al-Maliki doesn't admire the results," said Pentagon.
All the sectors of the Saudi armed forces, under the direct commandership of Prince Khalid Bin Sultan, Deputy Minister of Defence, are taking part in the ongoing battle against the Houthi infiltrators.
It can also be tied to the timing of the Lebanese-Syrian summit and to the imminent new appointments at the army commandership and other security institutions.
To help implement my instructions regarding the authority in charge of recommending fatwa (formal legal opinion), a matter which lies within the purview of the Commandership of the Faithful, I have established, within the Higher Council of Ulema, a board of scholars to whom I have assigned the task of making fatwa recommendations to me, relating to events and occurrences that warrant legal ruling.
Three hundred dilapidated pieces of stones--how do they compare to the commandership of an army of ten-thousand soldiers?
In view of the derision which many now have for these Royal baubles,and the numerous celebrities who are known to have refused them,it is surely scraping the bottom of the barrel for the great and the good to go out touting for people who are willing to accept membership or commandership of the long-defunct BritishEmpire.
In the Kemalist reading of history, this attempt to occupy Turkey was foiled by a miraculous defense of the country under the commandership of Mustafa Kemal, who later established the modern Republic of Turkey and trusted its internal and external defense to the military.
I am extremely honored to be bestowed with the Commandership by the Italian people and will dedicate my best efforts in bridging the relationship between the two great countries," said Mr.
Gulf and Arab citizens feels sympathy with friendly Qatari people who lived for years under irresponsible Qatari commandership," Saudi political analyst Ibrahim Al-Marey said on Monday.
For his part, Major-General Khalifa Al-Kaabi, assistant secretary-general of military affairs, mentioned that the council has reviewed the steps taken to implement the unified military commandership and its affiliated unites, in addition to completion of its required facilities and equipment.
Noting that the three countries' high-ranking political, security and military officials have held several meetings to increase cooperation within the framework of their common interests, he said, "The military intelligence, commandership, training and territorial capacities of the member states have been devoted to this cooperation.
He added that assuming commandership in a typhoon-prone area was not an easy task but trusting the men and women of NFNL had produced credible results.
A military farewell ceremony was held in Van Gendarmerie Commandership in the morning.
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