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(computer science) a symbol that appears on the computer screen to indicate that the computer is ready to receive a command

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The Command Prompt isn't gone by any means; it's just being de-emphasized.
Using adb in a command prompt, you can push the file to your Android device.
I had the hardest time getting all of the different commands and Operations into the command prompt, and actually making them work properly to secure the networks.
Command line or command prompt type tools have long been available for bridging devices to allow to configurable registers.
Also covered are networking and Internet, users and security, command prompt and automation, BIOS settings, and TCP/IP ports.
lt;p>But by invoking the "slmgr -rearm" command at a Windows 7 command prompt, users can reset the time-until-activation to 30 days, said Woody Leonard, a contributing editor to Windows Secrets and the author of several computer books, including Windows Vista All-in-One Desk Reference for Dummies.
This is called the Command Prompt window (figure 1-4).
The Automation Anywhere Integration Pack is compatible with many popular applications, including Microsoft Office, Firefox, DOS command prompt, Java Application and Applets, Telnet, Unix Shell, and many others.
The new functionality was implemented by software engineers at Truviso and Command Prompt (command prompt.
1] Start by bringing up a Command Prompt by clicking on Start > Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt, or click on Start > Run and enter the command 'CMD' and click on OK.
To open a window in DOS, go to Start, point to Programs (some computers list it as All Programs), Accessories, and then choose Command Prompt.
Enabling Linux commands to be used with a Shell command prompt, the tool is ideal for Linux beginners.
The system boots to a Linux command prompt at power-on.
Typically the address can be found on the box the card shipped in, on the card itself or obtained by running the IPCONFIG/all command from a command prompt line in Windows 2000 or XP.
This handy utility will remember the commands you type at the command prompt, so you can use your UP and DOWN arrow keys to recall them.
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