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military headquarters from which a military commander controls and organizes the forces

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Command post radio signatures would appear to be ambient noise, he said.
At command post Peshawar the IGP went round various sections of the post and inspected and reviewed in detail the police security steps adopted for peaceful observance of Muharram.
The NSA-accredited unclassified and classified secure Command Post Wi-Fi solution is being supplied to the Army as kits.
Senior Superintendent Ramon Purugganan, CES deputy chief, said the mobile command post was not made solely for SONA but also for future major events, such as the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation and emergency situations like disasters.
These advanced technologies are part of the Army's Command Post Computing Environment and Mounted Computing Environment, which consolidates capabilities using web-based apps and displays them on a common, geospatial digital map hosted on a single workstation or mobile device.
All of the news stories do not represent the reality as the cleaning activities are designed to prevent seasonal fires, the Command Post noted.
As the need for a modern command post remains, and following the cancelling of the Future Combat Systems programme, which included a command post, BAE Systems is proposing its Bradley Command Post or BCP.
While parents in the street are drawn to the serious stuff, the kids scramble to the LAPD command post with its flashing rooftop lights, siren bleats and radio chatter.
Having visited San Diego during the 2003 Super Bowl, agents from Jacksonville learned even more during their trip for the 2004 game in Houston; they went to the FBI's field office and the city's central command post, observing the joint law enforcement effort and learning from everyone they could.
Combat developers from the Army, the Marine Corps, and SOCOM scrubbed the existing requirements documents and found a very large degree of overlap between the two Services' operational requirement documents for the command post systems and the two Service ORDs for the platform systems.
The Visual First Responder Wireless Video (VFR), created by INL's Kevin Young, is a portable, lightweight, wireless video camera/transmitter and receiver system that allows emergency responders to send high quality video from terrorism, accident or disaster sites to a remote command post, up to five miles away.
Use NSN 2940-12-342-1512 to get a new oil filter for the MEP-952B 5-KW diesel generator used on your M577- and M1068-series command post carriers.
This system distributes information in the command post based on the NATO subject-indicator code and also automatically synchronizes the reserve command posts.
Providing combat service support in multiple locations over great distances was a challenge that required a fresh look at the CSG's use of command post--specifically, the forward command post.
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