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military headquarters from which a military commander controls and organizes the forces

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These advanced technologies are part of the Army's Command Post Computing Environment and Mounted Computing Environment, which consolidates capabilities using web-based apps and displays them on a common, geospatial digital map hosted on a single workstation or mobile device.
The Army now has a goal to revamp and simplify the posts by 2019 called the command post computing environment project, Minor said at the Milcom conference in Baltimore.
All of the news stories do not represent the reality as the cleaning activities are designed to prevent seasonal fires, the Command Post noted.
As the need for a modern command post remains, and following the cancelling of the Future Combat Systems programme, which included a command post, BAE Systems is proposing its Bradley Command Post or BCP.
Army Brigade Combat Team Integration exercise, General Dynamics C4 Systems-led programs successfully demonstrated critical networking and communications capabilities that connected command posts, on-the-move forces and dismounted soldiers.
When it became clear that neither the city of Jacksonville nor the FBI had adequate space to house a multiagency command post, FDLE offered its downtown training center as a site.
For instance, both the Marine Corps' JTCW and the Army's maneuver control system software was Microsoft Windows[R]-based and hosted on a laptop in the command post.
According to Lieutenant Colonel Tony Krogh of V Corps, "We see C2OTM as a primary platform for our commander that gives him the ability to maneuver around the battlefield and maintain situational awareness without being tethered to the standard command post or having to stop and erect some type of a satellite dish.
MORE space is what the Army wanted for its tactical operations centers, and that's what it will get with the Large Standard Integrated Command Post System being developed at the U.
Every time the air-raid sirens sounded she was out of bed and into her uniform and reporting for duty at the local command post within moments.
will furnish training staff and develop CD-ROM training materials to support Seminar and Command Post Exercises held at Army installations in the United States and abroad focusing on anti-terrorism and force protection.
Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has launched its new Mobile Command Post for the airport's Department of Public Safety (DPS).
RSOI, a command post exercise, is routinely held in the spring, and Foal Eagle, a field training exercise, was scheduled in the fall.
Test and evaluation of major aircraft modifications have included the P-3 Updates I, II and III; E-2/C-2 T56A-427 engine upgrade; E-6B airborne command post modification; and the T-34 Naval Aircraft Collision Warning System.
THE BARE BASE COMMAND and Control Module is a shelter complex designed in response to the demand for a rapidly deployable command post for logistics support elements.
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