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(computer science) the processing time required by a device prior to the execution of a command

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This improvement reduces command overhead and maximizes bus utilization.
These include a 32-bit RISC microprocessor which controls the interface and its mechanism, and through its 20 MHz clock speed, minimizes command overhead to achieve very high data transfer rates.
In addition, each family utilizes Seagate's latest Advanced SCSI Architecture (ASA-II) technology to dramatically lower command overhead, increase overall performance, and maintain code and feature set commonality.
Based on latest-generation MultiMaster(TM) technology, the adapter features a discrete, on-board I/O processor, which reduces SCSI command overhead.
These adapters feature SeqEngine automation technology, which minimizes SCSI command overhead and reduces the number of interrupts generated to the CPU.
2) The BA-81C15 -- This Ultra SCSI I/O co-processor features SeqEngine automation technology to minimize SCSI command overhead by reducing the number of interrupts generated to the host CPU.
This new integrated circuit reduces microprocessor involvement and SCSI command overhead, yielding improved performance and multitasking capability.
The single-chip, integrated ASIC used in each member of the FlashPoint family features BusLogic's SeqEngine automation technology, which reduces SCSI command overhead and the number of interrupts generated to the host CPU.
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