command module

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a space module in which astronauts can live and control the spacecraft and communicate with earth

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Appendices list the various stage designations used for all of the Apollo flights and their eventual destinations (the Command Module of Apollo 10, which was the first manned orbit of the Moon, is in the Science Museum in London).
The command module was sealed, but it was not fireproofed, he said, and materials loaded on the spacecraft were found to be flammable.
The control and command modules allow choosing between a PID and a fuzzy controller (Yordanova, 2008) and between a computer and a vocal command.
After the conclusion of the Apollo moon-landing program, Brand was command module pilot with the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project in 1975.
Support agents can transfer the end-user to another agent or queue, and the new release has a redesigned user and command module interface, new queuing, viewport scaling, multiple user sessions and videoconferencing features.
mission charged with reaching the moon, suffers a shocking setback when a fire in the Apollo command module kills three astronauts.
But it's what lies in front of you that steals the show, a radically-designed dash dominated by a centrallymounted command module.
An Apollo command module and a display of Titan IV missiles and launch vehicles represent the space age.
By designing every aspect of this apartment, from the arrangement of space down to details, like a bedside command module in sandblasted glass (sliding open to access light switches, thermostat, telephone), Chou has injected hedonism to create a penitentiary that is ultimately close to theatre.
After five days he was moved to a solitary cell located close to the jail's command module, where there was no toile t or shower in the cell.
These tents, combined with components, serve as the primary building blocks of the command module.
Trento reminds us of Thomas Baron, the NorthAmerican Rockwell safety inspector who in 1967 went public with his warning that the pure-oxygen interior of the Apollo command module was unsafe.
Modular Design and OLED Command Module Enhance Competitive Gaming
HOUSTON, April 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The top sought after fastener in history was used on the Apollo 11 Command Module, says FMW Fasteners.
David Worden acted as command module pilot, David R.
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