command module

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a space module in which astronauts can live and control the spacecraft and communicate with earth

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Mattingly, the command module pilot, had no immunity to the illness and was taken off of the mission and replaced by John Swigert.
Mementos left on Moon: Along with their backpacks, an American flag, and half the Apollo 11 moon-landing module, Armstrong and Aldrin left some sentimental mementos on the surface of the moon, including, a patch from the never-launched Apollo 1 mission, which ended prematurely when flames engulfed the command module during a 1967 training exercise, killing three US astronauts.
But, Earth did not hear the private conversations between Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, although they were recorded aboard the Command Module Columbia and Lunar Module Eagle.
PVTV technology links traditional functions requiring multiple operators into a single automated command module.
A big attraction, the Apollo 14 command module, is on display - complete with the re-entry-charred bottom.
Product 500, the Matrix iS21 Wall Mount Command Module SFC9LD, from Matrix Controls is the latest certified product from a host of leading manufacturers including: Delmatic, Circon, Infranet Partners, Trane, FieldServer, and Philips Lighting.
An Apollo astronaut tentatively emerges from his command module during an Earth-orbital mission.
Louis," Apollo 11 command module, and a Lunar rock sample that visitors can touch.
An Apollo astronaut tentatively emerges from the safety of his command module in a daring 1969 spacewalk.
The Command Module offers voice-activated dialing and other features controlled by the optional Lexus DVD Navigation System.
The Resonate Command Module for the Sun ONE Web Server Enterprise Edition extends Resonate Commander to provide out-of-the-box statistics, events and actions related to the health and performance of the Sun ONE Web Server Enterprise Edition.
Louis, the first airplane to fly solo nonstop across the Atlantic; and the Apollo 11 command module, the first spacecraft to carry humans to the moon and back.
During Apollo 15, which launched to the moon in 1971, astronauts David Scott and James Irwin - Al Worden stayed in the command module in orbit around the moon - used the (https://images.
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