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commands that a user types in order to run an application

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The action command mode was the first example of children giving orders to an instructional tool.
Although the lower error rate in command mode is not surprising, given the smaller vocabulary, its overall speed advantage on correctly entered items is unexpected.
In both novice and command modes, search steps are efficiently and logically presented.
The new search features make menu searching easy and convenient for even the most experienced command mode searchers.
The new extension, Annex L, permits CDPD wireless modems to be configured in the command mode, defining 44 separate functions that either command the modem or program its registers.
Included ar a file viewer with text search and "Record" stepper, drop to DOS in command mode, change directory, list files, files pick list, copy files, rename file, and a DOS shell interface.
The command mode lets users search using Dialog search strings.
The Multiple Command mode achieves its performance gains by enabling the memory system to execute multiple memory access commands simultaneously.
The Dialog command mode may be useful in particular situations, but I felt that the Easy Menu Search provided enough search options to execute complete and sophisticated data retrieval.
The command mode enables users to perform DJN/R research much more quickly and efficiently than the menu mode.
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