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commands that a user types in order to run an application

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Command mode gives you a top-down map of the battlefield with icons showing your squad and enemy positions.
This agreement further confirms the importance of this technology to the industry by which consumers are protected from situations where data alone causes the modem to escape into Command Mode.
Zenith Data Systems' intention to continue selling Hayes modems and other modems containing Hayes technology will help consumers avoid a situation where data alone causes the modem to escape into Command Mode.
In Single Command mode, the player fully directs the actions of one character, dictating every attack and defense move.
According to the court's order, Multi-Tech claims "that if a computer user's modem is set to recognize the (TIES) escape sequence, Hayes' data file (contained in the Test Kit) will cause the modem to escape into command mode, the transmission of the data file will stop and the computer user will think that the modem is fatally flawed.
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