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a source language consisting of procedural operators that invoke functions to be executed

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Parlane, the natural language database interface system produced by BBN Laboratories (BBN), translates natural language input into structured query language (SQL), the standard command language used with many database management systems, and the SQL commands are then applied to the underlying database.
For example, Small and Weldon [9] compared a restricted natural language interface with a command language, SQL, in a database task and found that the command language interface led to better performance.
It also supports all major printer command languages for seamless integration into any enterprise.
This mini-database also features simulated BRS, Data-Star, DIALOG, and STN International command languages to help users improve search skills on these systems.
In [22], Nickerson categorizes the complaints that cause people to avoid using a particular computer system: limited functionality, accessibility-availability problems, start-stop hassles, poor system dynamics and response time, work-session interrupts, inadequacies in training and user aids, documentation, command languages, consistency and integration, and users' conceptualization of a system.
Intermec, a Certified Advantage Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork, has made the printer Oracle-ready right out of the box, with no need to learn printer command languages, develop special programming or use bar code libraries or fonts.
The user does not need to learn a range of command languages, nor concern themselves with establishing access with databases held in different locations.
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