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a source language consisting of procedural operators that invoke functions to be executed

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Parlane, the natural language database interface system produced by BBN Laboratories (BBN), translates natural language input into structured query language (SQL), the standard command language used with many database management systems, and the SQL commands are then applied to the underlying database.
Supports all printer command languages and Unicode for global font support
Intermec, a Certified Advantage Partner in the Oracle PartnerNetwork, has made the printer Oracle-ready right out of the box, with no need to learn printer command languages, develop special programming or use bar code libraries or fonts.
The metamodel will standardize a "best fit" metamodel representing the many proprietary command languages currently in use in satellite and ground system control, and enable standard tools that generate scripts in a variety of languages, or translate from one language to another.
Business managers can control every aspect of the rules that drive business campaigns, using custom-designed Web screens instead of specialized development environments and command languages.
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