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a source language consisting of procedural operators that invoke functions to be executed

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Proper management of the Command Language Mentorship Program is key to the program's success and will pay dividends for every linguist in any language.
Using the VIA platform, STMicroelectronics R&D verification engineers created a Tool Command Language (TCL) script that eliminates many of the time-consuming, manual steps of locating logic violations, selecting the scope for display in the Verdi debug environment, adding the corresponding signals in the waveform viewer, and then tracing to the right time in the cycle.
Additional features of the RoHS-compliant PSI 9000 Series include a galvanically isolated analog interface for voltage, current and power programming and monitoring; digital plug-and-play modules supporting RS232, Ethernet, CANopen, Modbus TCP, Profibus, Devicenet; and IEEE/GPIB and SCPI command language support.
In an effort to maintain an instructor cadre both qualified and relevant in their MOS, the Battalion Command Language Program (CLP) was established in 2013 with a dedicated and localized CLP Manager.
The foundation technology is QI2S HyperCore a custom high-performance 80 GOPS / 20 GFLOPS space-borne Many-Core computing platform; QSBB, a software interpreter with a finite number of finely honed building blocks for HS data on board processing and interpretation, will be developed to fit HyperCore; QMDL, QI2S HS imaging interpretation-mission command language will enable fast-turnaround reconfiguration devoid of elaborate time consuming testing.
This model also includes expanded memory, increased driver support and Zebra Programming Language command language that allows for expanded integration capabilities.
For example, a teacher could quickly build a user interface to a capability in Maple that helps students explore a topic, without the students ever having to know the Maple command language.
Natural Language Technology -- L&H's Voice Xpress line of products use NLT to offer a flexible, easy-to-use command language for editing and formatting documents, and controlling basic functions of Windows applications.
Parlane, the natural language database interface system produced by BBN Laboratories (BBN), translates natural language input into structured query language (SQL), the standard command language used with many database management systems, and the SQL commands are then applied to the underlying database.
In fact, the trend is to introduce an entire command language that allows almost every aspect of the data network, from signal-to-noise ratios to preventing unauthorized use of front panel controls, to be centrally managed.
It loads and exports GDSII data files 5 to 20 times faster than conventional layout tools, offers more robust layout editing capabilities than most high-capacity layout viewers, and provides an extensive library of Tool Command Language (Tcl) extensions for automating data manipulation.
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