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(computer science) the key on a computer keyboard that is used (in combination with some other key) to type control characters

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Windows users should substitute the Control key for the Mac's Command key in each shortcut.
The trend is a shift from information in permanent formats to information conveyed in formats so transitory that it can disappear at the touch of a command key.
The Command Link goes beyond a standard command key function by enabling third parties to develop links to any of the custom features they create.
The IDT 75K62134 enables Avici to do multiple searches with one command key, thereby simplifying system overhead and maximizing efficiency.
There will still be sustainable business models for a host of smaller companies who can identify and command key niche opportunities.
More on-screen controls and Command Key equivalents give users options for controlling the application.
The time taken for a complete transaction was measured, from executing a command key on the 3270 to receiving a new screen of data.
The handset will see a return of the command keys that include "Menu", "Back", "Send" and "End" buttons, along with a trackpad.
The handset will see a return of the command keys that include 'Menu,' 'Back,' 'Send' and 'End' buttons, along with a trackpad.
For example, older players more readily use short cut and sophisticated command keys to compensate for declining speed in executing real time decisions.
Last month, at the annual Mobile World Congress trade fair in Barcelona, BlackBerry unveiled a new "classic" model with a keyboard that boasts a return of the command keys that include Menu, Back, Send and End buttons, along with a trackpad.
Rubber feet on the base keep the keyboard from moving, and there's the ability to assign your own shortcuts and command keys.
The program is easy to set up and is invisible to the user; to launch Spector, IT administrators simply use command keys that they set up, type in a password, and select the Play button to quickly scan the PC.
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