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Synonyms for hallucination

Synonyms for hallucination

an illusion of perceiving something that does not really exist

Synonyms for hallucination

a mistaken or unfounded opinion or idea

an object perceived during a hallucinatory episode

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In the hypothetical case, the woman's history, her command hallucinations, and her lack of insight argue for psychosis.
He insists that he cannot recall any precipitating factors for his self-injury other than the command hallucinations.
12) Voice Compliance Scale (VCS) is an observer rated scale aimed exclusively at measuring the frequency of command hallucinations and the level of obedience or confrontation with each recognized command.
Command hallucinations with self-stabbing associated with zolpidem overdose.
Command hallucinations are one of the most dreaded and misunderstood phenomena in psychiatry.
Acting on command hallucinations and dangerous behavior: a critique of the major findings in the last decade.
Mr Thomas said the command hallucinations would have been overwhelming and he added it was "virtually impossible" that Fox could have feigned paranoid schizophrenia for so long.
Report chief Robert Robinson called her decision "seriously flawed", adding: "We do not say it was predictable that John Barrett would experience command hallucinations telling him to kill, but the risk of serious violence associated with deterioration in his mental state was known.
2004, Factors associated with compliance and resistance to command hallucinations, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 192, 5, 357-62.
Although individual studies have documented a role for command hallucinations in self-harm behaviour including suicidal behaviour, (32) other studies failed to find any such association.
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