command guidance

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a method of controlling the flight of a missile by commands originating from the ground or from another missile

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This is current command guidance handed down by the DCINC, and has been enforced since late summer of 2001.
The first generation of helicopter-launched weapons was based on command guidance signals, transmitted either along wires unwinding from spools on the missile (as in the cases of the Aerospatiale SS.
The RPM will ensure that "up-to-date" command guidance exists on respiratory protection, and develop and maintain a roster of personnel in the respiratory protection program.
Such questions as the cost of logistics support provided and how to enter RIK and EVE transactions should be addressed and answered in accordance with specific Service or combatant command guidance before undertaking and approving such transactions.
Using Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command guidance, the C4I team identified requirements with USPACOM staff and determined engineering solutions.
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