comity of nations

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courteous respect by one nation for the laws and institutions of another

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The ambassador said they are confident that Pakistan will gain its rightful prominent place in the comity of nations.
Although there are fairly strict standards for when the comity of nations doctrine may be applied, businesses need to know that they are not immune from foreign legal judgments.
So, to bring harmony, tranquility, justice and peace in the region, it was enjoined upon the comity of nations to listen to justified demand of the people in Indian occupied Kashmir.
Governor Sindh said that a strong defence is a must for a living nation to maintain existence in the comity of nations.
He also appreciated the efforts of Pakistan in its fight against terrorism and its role as a front-line state in the comity of nations, which has suffered a lot.
LAHORE -- Teaching is the noblest profession which develops nations on modern lines to excel in the comity of nations.
He said such exhibitions encouraged the youth to make efforts at reviving the nation's past glory among the comity of nations through education and culture.
He emphasized on vigorous pursuance of economic diplomacy by all diplomats to further promote Pakistan s economic interests in the comity of nations.
Speaking at the 34th Annual Convocation of the University of Burdwan here today, Mukherjee said that India would be able to attain high economic growth and become a leader in the comity of nations only by developing a knowledge economy.
It demonstrated acknowledgement of Pakistan's importance in the comity of nations," a triumphant Gilani said in a statement.
Chairman Senate hoped the ongoing Iranian negotiations on nuclear issues will come through with a fruitful outcome so that sanctions on Iran are lifted and Tehran is able to play its traditional role in the comity of nations.
We, as a nation, are doing nothing to excel in life and to earn a respectable position in the comity of nations.
In his message of felicitation, the Governor said that since 1947, when we attained a berth amongst the free comity of nations, in our quest for development, we have achieved progress in various disciplines of life and accomplished internationally acknowledged milestones on many counts.
The president said Afghanistan was taking solid steps toward its development and prosperity, adding the Afghans had the ability to achieve progress, strengthen economy and earn respect for the country in the comity of nations.
He stated that such incidents are also aimed at defaming Pakistan in the comity of nations.