coming together

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Synonyms for coming together

the social act of assembling for some common purpose

the act of joining together as one

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Coun Ian Swithenbank, policy board member responsible for streetcare and environment at the county council, said: "It is great to see the plans coming together for this area in Amble.
We have had the wall of faces go into the entrance this week and it is all coming together.
The new rules will now cover acts of violent conduct that occur secondarily to a challenge for the ball and off-the-ball incidents where one or more match official did see the players coming together, but the match officials' view was such that none of them had the opportunity to make a decision on an act of misconduct that took place within that coming together.
The report said that FA had announced yesterday that from this season it would be able to take retrospective action when match officials are not in a position to fully assess a coming together of players.
According to the television network, The special, called "Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together," will air on Friday night, broadcasting from 8-9 p.
THE WORLD WITHOUT YOU tells of a family coming together at their Berkshire summer home to memorialize Leo, the youngest of four siblings killed a year earlier in Iraq.
As we move forward, Soldiers and our valued partners are coming together in ways that benefit America.
It aimed to celebrate the coming together of people, old and young alike, into the village community.
Signer, Coming Together for the Sake of God: Contributions to Jewish-Christian Dialogue From Post-Holocaust Germany gathers position papers and guides from the discussion group "Jews and Christians" sponsored by the Central Committee (a federation of groups) of the German Catholic Church.
And now they're rightfully coming together in a national chorus of condemnation over your little lovefest with Dybul and his family.
They literally see their ideas coming together before them," says Gordon.
First coming together in the early '80s, Incognito was one of the key components of the acid jazz movement, which fused vintage jazz-funk with contemporary beats for listening and dancing audiences throughout Europe.
Life can be viewed as an unquantifiable series of letting go and coming together experiences.
I dream of the days when corporate communication was about the orchestration of words, illustrations, graphics and photography, all coming together to communicate information.
It also illustrates "the simplicity of two or three coming together in Christian mutual love as a vital means of building up relations between divided peoples and communities.