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the instance or occasion of being presented for the first time to society

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In a no-holds-barred interview with Chastity Bono, who experienced outing firsthand and served as the National Coming Out Project spokesperson in 1996, we learn about her new life and her new book on coming out to your parents (Family Outing) as well as her unfortunate saga with Ellen and those two pesky words Chastity swears she never said: "too gay.
For them as for us, coming out was a family affair, and it didn't happen without heartache.
Lost on Michael were the obvious counterarguments: that many of his young female fans had already moved on to fresher, teen-throbbier singers; that coming out would win him new admirers who might even be potential record buyers; and, most glaring, that as his friend Elton John and others have shown, he was in the one branch of the entertainment industry that is relatively welcoming to gay superstars.
The ratio of the sine wave coming out to the sine wave going in, at each frequency, is the S-Parameters.
But it was his aggressive postings about Bass and Harris that many believe led to both men publicly coming out.
You'll be happy to know that October 11 was the Eleventh Annual National Coming Out Day.
It's a time-release caption to the advance originally held by psychotherapists (including psychoanalysts) in Nazi Germany, who were real eager to apply the success story of Freud's encounter with war neurotics to a total victory through analysis: the all-out eradication-through-healing of the homosexual position or disposition (which ever since World War I marked the spot of the coming out of war neurosis under fire and the acting out of primal submissions through betrayal, desertion, even espionage).
John's never happy about coming out of the game,'' Scioscia said.
I had goose bumps coming out here,'' said Belson, who was assigned to Lancaster over the weekend and joined the team Monday for its four-game road series against Lake Elsinore.
Contrary to Bean's contention that coming out would force a player out of the game, Take Me Out's baseball star suffers no career damage.