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Gery talked about the conference and EPSS, &uot;The idea of structuring knowledge and coaching or mentoring workers doing complex tasks, like equipment problem analysis, is coming into its own.
This audio production of DeBerry and Grant's popular story of a family coming into its own captivates the reader, The pleasant, soothing tone of the reader allows the audience to escape to the world of the story.
With "vactors" replacing actors and special effects already the dominant factor in blockbuster films, the era of CGI is on the verge of coming into its own.
His hope for the 21st century is no less than a revolution in world farming, which will see organic farming coming into its own.
Tom Cody, principal of The South Group, sees South Park quickly coming into its own.
The park was unveiled last year and is still coming into its own.
This area is really coming into its own," said Neil Dolgin, executive vice president of Kalmon Dolgin Affiliates.
The big picture for New Rochelle is that it is coming into its own as an outstanding commuter community," said Prudential Douglas Elliman's Managing Director, Andy Gerringer.
Nature is coming into its own as a serious subject matter,'' said Snyder, who teaches poetry at Davis and serves as a sort of spiritual godfather for the Nature and Culture program.