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Under the terms of the exclusive multi-year agreement, 20 Coming Attractions Theatres with 157 screens in Alaska, California, Oregon and Washington will join the NCM Cinema Network beginning in October of 2011.
Lead researcher Keith M Johnston said: "Despite the enduring appeal and apparent popularity of these coming attractions, modern trailer releases arrive with a perceived popular stigma - the presumption that they actively mislead or deceive audiences.
Now an initial trial involving a small number of cars will see them fitted with two inward-facing cameras and an interactive HD TV screen advertising coming attractions in Cardiff.
The giant has announced new coming attractions to its lineup of Barbie dolls: one in the likeness of supermodel Klum, and doll versions of the hero and heroine from "Twilight," Pattinson's Edward Cullen and Kristen Bell's Bella Swan, reports The New York Daily News.
com for the full list of coming attractions around World Book Day.
California libraries both business and public will find COMING ATTRACTIONS an outstanding, specific survey key to understanding long-standing issues, conflicts, and relationships between entertainment, high tech and media industries alike.
For all he provides the MEv2 instruction set syntax and a preview of coming attractions.
This audience was forced to put up with six minutes of commercials, followed by 11 minutes of coming attractions.
Negotiating with Ashland-based Coming Attractions wasn't easy.
The fledgling company was asked by the Talking With Hands volunteer group, based in Northampton, to create a fun character to give announcements of coming attractions using deaf signs.
COMING ATTRACTIONS Scientists are considering where, beyond MRAM and oscillators, this new form of electromagnetic muscle is leading.
Coming attractions include 2,500 new hotel rooms, a 21-stop under ground transport system, and a host of sports stadiums,
Bossier City has made Bass Pro's official list of coming attractions.
He wanted substance, he said, not coming attractions.
Remember having to sit through the Coming Attractions the last time you went to catch a flick?