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the quality of being comical

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I do not think in the history of electoral politics of India, you had had this kind of a bizarre mindless blind copying which shows apart from the humor and the comicality attached with it, it shows how seriously they insult the intelligence of the people of India.
Dane O'Neill teamed up with Hattsh to supply Al Muhairi with his third success of the night when holding off favourite Comicality in the 1200m Prime Handicap .
The book begins with the shock of her initial diagnoses and the decision to find the comicality in each stage of treatment, surgery and remission, which she successfully delivers with page turning hilarity.
pag); considerable wit and an ironic sense of humor; a paradoxical personality that combines a range of apparently discrepant traits (including the comicality and gloominess referred to above); a Casanova reputation; a supposed capacity for visionary insight; and a desire for and/or attainment of modern-day sainthood.
Sprinkles of dark comicality (how can you not laugh at a squashed eyeball?
1874:5) nevertheless commented "there was no denying the artistic cleverness and irresistible comicality of Mr Odell .
311) Thomas Croft reported seeing a mountebank and his Merry-Andrew at the Wisbeach Fair whom he followed through the streets, "almost bursting with laughter at his comicality.
Homeric tags taken out of their context also form a substantial part of the verbal comicality of the Onos, (25) and may have been taken over from the lost original.
This is evident not only in certain animals, like monkeys, in whose comicality gravity plays an essential part, nor only in certain antique caricatures .
Comicality is the avatar of the figure's fundamental artifice" (116).